Fractal Design Node 605 - HTPC kabinet test

Hardware udlånt af: Fractal Design.
Skrevet den 6. Jun 2013. Testen er vist 11169 gange.

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Fractal Design har specialiseret sig i kabinetter, strømforsyninger, køling, lydisolering og mediacenter løsninger. Firmaet har dets oprindelse i Sverige, hvor hovedkvarteret også har beliggenhed. Alle produkterne bliver designet, testet og specificeret i det svenske hovedkvarter, mens selve produktionen foregår i Østen, grundet lavere produktionsomkostninger. Fractal Design anvender et såkaldt ”skandinavisk” design, og fokuserer på at holde designet enkelt – ”Keep it simple”.


Vi har tidligere i år kigget på kabinetter fra Fractal Design, og nu er turen altså kommet, til at vi skal kigge på endnu et. Denne gang er det et mediecenter kabinet der står for skud, i form af deres Node 605 kabinet. Dette kabinet byder på et look der matcher ind til ens Hifi, har en front lavet i aluminium, plads til standard ATX bundkort og fire diske. Der er to inkluderede blæser, samt lyddæmpende materiale på siderne og toppen.



Af tilbehør til Node 605 finder vi en manual, to skinner, samt en pose med diverse skruer og nogle strips.



Specifikationer og features
Vi har været forbi Fractal Designs hjemmeside og fundet lidt oplysninger på Node 605 kabinettet:


The Node 605 highlights a minimalistic, sleek Scandinavian appeal which is designed to integrate into your home theatre equipment.

Featuring a stunning exterior appearance accompanied by a modern, black interior with sound and vibration dampening materials, the Fractal Design Node 605 supports a full ATX motherboard as well as a graphics card up to 280mm in length.


Cleverly hidden behind the access panel on the solid 8mm thick aluminum front panel are two USB 3.0 ports, a FireWire port and a multi-format card reader for multiple formats.

  • Solid aluminum front panel
  • Supports full ATX motherboards
  • Noise-dampening material
  • 4 HDD/SSD slots
  • Integrated card reader
  • Two Silent Series R2 hydraulic bearing fans included
  • Supports graphic cards up to 280mm in length (180mm with all hard drives in place)
  • USB 3.0 and FireWire front connectors

Technical specifications

  • ATX, microATX, Mini ITX, DTX motherboard compatibility
  • 7 expansion slots
  • 4 - supports either 2.5" or 3.5" HDD / SSD
  • 1 slim-line ODD (only supported with mATX or smaller motherboards)
  • PSU compatibility: 180 mm (including any modular connectors) with both hard drive cages mounted or 190 mm (excluding cables and any modular connectors) with one hard drive cage mounted
  • CPU cooler compatibility: Approx 125mm with side-mounted fans - For coolers with top-mounted fans, Fractal Design recommends that you add at least 30 mm clearance for decent airflow
  • Case dimensions (W x H x D): 445 x 164 x 349 mm (excluding front panel - 440 x 162 x 341 mm)
  • Net weight: 6,0 kg

Cooling / ventilation

  • 5 (3 - 120mm + 2 - 80mm)
  • 2 – 120mm Silent Series R2 fans included
  • Removable air filters for side fans and PSU
  • Integrated three-channel fan controller

Graphics card compatibility

  • 180 mm with both hard drive cages mounted
  • 255 mm with one hard drive cage mounted
  • 290 mm in the top two ATX expansion card slots with two hard drive cages mounted
  • 280 mm in the top four ATX expansion card slots with one hard drive cage mounted, containing one 3.5" HDD and one 2.5" SSD

Front interface

  • 2 - USB 3.0
  • 1 - FireWire (IEEE 1394)
  • 1 - 3.5mm audio in (microphone)
  • 1 - 3.5mm audio out (headphone)
  • Power button with LED

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2 kommentarer
stylinred . 19. Jun 13, 08:20
Thank you for the review I hope my views will be helpful to others as well I know it's in english but hopefully that is okay.
Just a note on the video
card situation, i've got a matx board in the case and am able to stick a
powercolor 6970 inside without the hard drive bays being a hindrance and i've
still got room to run cables, etc in front of the video card.

don't think I'd be able to crossfire the 6970s (don't know who would want to in
an htpc case) there is room between the card and the hard drives (if you mount
the hdd facing the other way) but considering the width of the card i dont
think 2 could fit

The fan controller in the case has 3 Fan connectors but they only fit 3pin
connectors (i bought 3, 4pin fans -_-)

I know
Fractal includes 2 Fractal fans but even at high speed they're only pulling
40cfm (they're the FD Silent R2 fans) and that wasn't enough imo so I replaced
them with some Cougar Vortex fans.

contacted Fractal Designs about the 3pin connectors and I must say their
customer service is amazing, they sent me a step by step email including
pictures on how i could cut the 3pin fan connector to accommodate a 4pin fan
which they said would work with the fan controller as they've tested it.

of going that route though I found some 4 to 3 pin fan connectors online, even
3pin extension cables that could support a 4pin connector.

the molex connector for the fan controller, in my case, was loose so it was a
big hassle getting it connected to the power supplies female molex

The slim optical disc drive, Fractal supplies a mounting kit but no slimline
sata connection to power your drive you'll have to buy that yourself you can
find them online for as low as a dollar.

mounting kit is a bit difficult to install, it was for me anyway, since i left
it for the last thing to install -_- and because the screws supplied were
larger than the holes on the mounting kit (ever so slightly) so I really had to
use some force to screw it in

CPU cooling, There is not much height to the case to attach a large heatsink,
Fractal recommends no higher than 125mm if the fans are attached on the sides;
this was difficult for me to find a suitable cooling unit,, hydro cooling units
won't fit btw there's no room to mount the rad+fan unless you do some modding
like having it stick part way out of the case. I was fortunately able to find
the Noctua NH-U9B SE2 which fit perfectly inside the case with both fans

areas for improvement:

I wish
that there was a fan on top of the case to help suck air out (like silverstone
does, i believe) I'm not sure on what my temps will be like since I haven't
gotten it up and running yet but it would certainly ease my mind as that whole
right side of the case is really congested with hard drives the gpu and psu and
there's only that 1 fan blowing in on the right side but its completely
restricted with the grill/the hard drives and the cables; again I don't know
what my temps will be like but it would certainly ease the mind and there is
certainly room for a fan in that area.

also room, believe it or not, to stick more hard drives in the case and it
would be nice if Fractal had included mounting brackets for this but I can
understand why not. I bought a pci expansion slot hard drive mount to mount my
SSD and a 2.5" drive and there’s still plenty of room; there’s even
room for a 3.5"

the aforementioned lack of a slimline sata cable, it would be nice if Fractal
had included this considering the price of the case and Fractal needs to
improve Quality Control (the loose molex and mounting holes)

though I'm impressed with the build quality and the looks of the case and I
can't wait to start using it, but i've been very frugal in my build using hand
me down parts and waiting for all my cables/parts from different vendors.
KeyzerSoze . 19. Jun 13, 08:54

Awesome feedback of which Tweak and our users could learn from!
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