Kingston HyperX Savage 240 GB

Kingston HyperX Savage 240 GB


Kingston's new HyperX Savage SSD deviates from the company's previous SandForce controller choice and uses a Phison controller instead. The company has previous experience with Phison controllers as those are a part of their other product range, but Phison on HyperX is a first. While performance is decent and stability is perfect, it does fall behind other drives that are powered by faster controllers, like Marvell or Samsung. Compared to the Crucial MX100, the HyperX Savage is 8% slower in our real-life testing, and the also-popular Samsung 840 Pro is 10% faster. However, a performance difference of 10% is something you will probably never notice in real-life work unless you do side-by-side testing.

What is also important is the quality of the product and how much you trust the vendor. Here Kingston scores big because of their outstanding after-sales service and RMA handling.
With a price of $120 for the tested 240 GB version, the drive sits exactly on the magic $0.50 per GB mark, which makes it quite affordable and a good choice. However, Crucial's MX100/MX200/BX100 have the market covered so well with fantastic pricing and price/performance that it is difficult to recommend any other drive unless Kingston can reduces their pricing by another $10-$15. With that said, the HyperX Savage should definitely still be on your list of SSDs to check out if you want an affordable SSD.

Skrevet den 19. May 2015. Testen er set 173 gang(e).

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