VTX3D Radeon HD 6850 X-Edition 1GB GDDR5 RAM test

Hardware udlånt af: VTX3D.

Skrevet af Nicolas Lykke Iversen den 9. Dec 2010. Testen er vist 49819 gange.

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VTX3D use a red PCB for their Radeon HD 6850 X-Edition. The card's memory chips cannot be seen from from underneath. The cooler is secured to the card with four screws.



The copper base covers all of the Barts core, and even more. Two copper heatpipes absorbs the heat from the base, and leads it to a lot of aluminium fins. The 92 mm cooler makes sure that the heat is sent through openings on the backside, the front and the sides.


Hynix have produced the card's 8 x 124 MB memory chips. They have model number H5GQ1H24AFR-T2C, and are specified to run at 1250 MHz (5000 MHz GDDR5 effectively).


CHiL's CHL8214 chip gives support for the voltage regulation on the GPU via software.


Barts is produced over a 40 nm technology with 1.7 billion transistors in an area of 255 mm2. Take special notice of the well known ATI logo, that has been changed to AMD’s logo.

The relevant Barts core in VTX3D’s Radeon HD 6850 X-Edition has the codename Barts Pro. The calculation power is 1.5 TFLOPS.

Anti-alising can go up to 24 x SSA / MSAA. The algorithm of the Anisotropic Filtering is angle independent.    



Microsoft DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.1 is supported. Additionally are AMD's HD3D gaming, Eyefinity and EyeSpeed features supported.


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