Thermaltake Toughpower QFan 500W (UK) test

Hardware udlånt af: Thermaltake.
Skrevet den 16. Jan 2008. Testen er vist 11147 gange.

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We are in this test going to look on a power supply unit from Thermaltake. The last Thermaltake product that we had in our hands was their Thermaltake SwingRS 100 VF8000BWS. The power supply for today is part of Thermaltake’s new Qfan series, which currently consists of two modular power supplies. Today’s model is a Thermaltake Toughpower Qfan 500W.

Thermaltake Toughpower Qfan 500W comes in a very neutral white packaging, and not in the black/red that we are used to with Thermaltake. On the front of the package is a picture that shows a little of the unit.

The rest of the information on the Thermaltake Toughpower Qfan 500W is placed on one of the sides of the package, and the only information not to be found is how the 500W are divided.

That is quite a lack when considering how much spare space is left on the package. When opening the box, the first thing that is noticeable is that Thermaltake has included an anti-vibration frame for the unit.

The unit is really well protected, firstly by a thick layer of polystyrene, then a layer of bubble plastic.

In other words, Thermaltake have done whatever possible in order to keep their Thermaltake Toughpower Qfan 500W safe during transport. Other than the unit, the following is to be found in the package:

• Manual
• Anti-vibration frame
• Power cable
• Container w/ the modular cables
• Flyer on the Key 3 spire
• 4 bolts to install the unit


Thermaltake have put an effort into the manner that the cables and accessories are packed, and it is these small details that add to the overall impression. It will be exciting to determine whether the performance can live up to these expectations.

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