Synology DiskStation 210j

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Skrevet af David den 4. Jul 2010. Testen er vist 5375 gange.

The next program is Audio Station, which is actually an ”internet” radio streaming from your own storage or shoutcast stations. It is possible to search for specific tracks, queue music and create playlists. Exactly as you’d expect from a player installed on your PC. Audio Station also streams from media servers on its nerwork. Only thing missing is FLAC support.

Moving on the program Download Station, which as the name implies, is used for downloading files from the internet. The purpose is simple - Instead of having a power hungry desktop PC doing your downloading, you can have your NAS do it for you. The advantage of using a NAS is less power usage and it can be configured to download during the late and early hours of the day so that it won't disturb you daily internet use. Download Station supports downloads via ordinary links, Torrents, eMule, RapidShare, Megaupload and NZBs, whereas the 3 of the latter supports login if you have profiles attached to the services. It is possible to choose the ports that the Torrents will be using, automatic stop and speed limitations to the up- and downloads. This is only supported by the Torrent service, which is a shame. Furthermore, Download Station can be configured to be active within a certain period of time and send an e-mail when a file has finished downloading.

Personally I have used DS210J a lot to download Torrents and RapidShare and quite impressed part from the few points mentioned above.

A feature very few might use, is the Surveillance Station. But t people who would like to secure or have an overview over their home, this is a very functional feature. With this model you get one camera license, enabling you to connect 1 IP camera to your network and then having to buy further licenses, if you want more cameras connected. Surveillance Station offers multiple possibilities such as live footage, event footage, log and notification. "Live footage" hardly needs elaboration - but if in doubt, it shows what is happening at the moment.

"Event footage” enables the camera(s) to record when there is activity in their "view", recording the necessary stuff only. In the "Notification" feature you can configure how you would like to be informed in the event of the cameras catching any activity - you can choose to be notified via e-mail or SMS. Personally I think the SMS part of the notification system is a very nifty feature as very few check their mail 24/7, whereas a SMS is checked instantly.


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