Synology DiskStation 210j test

Hardware udlånt af: Synology.

Skrevet af David den 4. Jul 2010. Testen er vist 5658 gange.

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After turning on Synology DS210j and plugging it to the network you simply follow the tutorial from the bundled CD to find its IP address and connecting it. When the tutorial is finished – and everything worked out, you can access the welcome side, where you’ll encounter the login form shown below:

As standard user you will be asked to enter username and password. The administrator only needs a password. Logging in will reveal the ”desktop”, which has different features depending on who is logged in. Our approach takes basis in the administrator privileges. At first login the desktop only shows ”Management” and ”Online Resources), but more will appear after activating some of the many features.

An example of more features shown at the dekstop:

Giving that Diskstation Manager 2.3 is a very comprehensive program, I will not go into much detail about all menus, as it won’t be pleasant for the eyes. Instead Synology offers an online, live trial of their system here. On that page you can browse the different features in detail, which you will be spared in this review. 

Naturally, the most interesting to start with is the management part, which requires various wizards to configure users, FTP internet accesss and so forth. You can add your favorite lunks/features/menus to this main page.

In the left menu has numerous points, whereas the first is ”information”. This includes the points status, resources, a log and about. Resources are shown by charts of Memory, CPU and Network. The log shows the system’s overall activities, but also the activities in the segment Download Station. “Status” gives much useful information on the system as seen below:

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