Roccat Kone[+] gaming mouse test

Hardware udlånt af: Roccat.
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Roccat is a relatively new combatant in the gaming accessories market. Roccat was established in 2007, and was launched with a very spectacular video, and the year after the first product was released. This product was the gaming mouse "Kone". It became very successful and widely known by many. Since then, they have released other mice, keyboards and mouse pads, and in 2010 they took their well-known product, which started it all, and redesigned it. This ended up with a new version called "Kone[+]", which offers a pile of improvements. 


The packaging makes the product appear a bit mystical - traditional Roccat style. The box comes in a black color, with a transparent window in the middle, so you can see the mouse. Roccat have placed the most special specifications of the mouse, on the front of the box the blue fields. 

The back is as spectacular as the front, and in the top it is a picture of mouse. Back here, we can also see all the specifications in ten different languages. 

The packaging has a little secret feature - it has a lid. The lid is being held down by a magnet, and the magnet has a good grip. When you open the lid, you cannot touch the mouse though, as it is being protected by a plastic cover. 



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