Ozone SMOG Gaming Mouse test

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Skrevet af Jan Blaszkevizc den 29. Jun 2010. Testen er vist 4249 gange.

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Hearing the name Ozone does not necessarily make you think of gaming at first, but that is exactly the field Ozone makes accessories to. Ozone is quite new in Denmark, but that is the pretty much the situation in general with Ozone. In Ozone's product line you will stumble upon products such as; mousepads, mice, headsets and a few minor gaming accessories. With a slogan going; "Ozone is all about evolution" they have already inculcated us with great expectations. Ozone thinks in new ways to ensure the best possible gaming experience. Today's product belongs to Ozone's series of mice. The model in question goes by the name SMOG, which offers rich macro possibilities, color system, 5040 DPI, ceramic gliding pads and much more. Let us get to it and take a look at the box that SMOG is shipped in.




Here is a picture of the box, that SMOG arrives in. As you can see, it is dominated by red and black colors plus white writings with the name of the product. This is the form of packing that Ozone uses for most of their products. In the middle is a large picture of the SMOG itself, and above that are the name and model. There is also a label saying "Rev. 2", meaning that we are dealing with the second version of SMOG. It is possible to open the front of the box to get a look at SMOG without having to unpack it first.    


Turning the box 180 reveals that the colors of the front are repeated on the back. Again, we have a picture of SMOG in the middle, but with text describing the default functions of the buttons. Below the picture all the main features are described in various languages. As a rare addition, Danish seems to be represented on the box this time.


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