MSI H55M-ED55 with Intel H55 Express test

Hardware udlånt af: MSI.
Skrevet den 20. Mar 2010. Testen er vist 8062 gange.

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In the past few years, MSI or Micro-Star International as they’re also known as has made an aggressive move into the global market. Large parts of Europe have especially noticed their presence.  

Many people might remember them from OC competitions, like MSI Overclocking Arena, which also took place here at, with the winners competing against other teams at MSI headquarters in the Netherlands.

As a part of their rebuilt of a better image, and increasing marketing, production numbers isn’t the only thing that has gone up. MSI has also realized the importance of listening to the user’s needs, and use the feedback as constructive criticism.

The result is of this is a series of interesting motherboards – like the P55 ”Big Bang” series – and the product in focus today, called H55M-ED55 as seen above.

To start off with, the stickers on the box tells us that we’re dealing with a H55 motherboard, made for Core i3 and Core i5 processors. The ATI sticker guarantees Crossfire support, and the Windows 7 compatibility has also been highlighted. One should also notice the black logo at the bottom, which is MSIs new 1-second overclocking feature(!).



As always, the info on the back of the box is a bit more technical, with the OC Genie and DrMos features taking up the most space. There are only 4+1 phases on this motherboard, but DrMos circuits have been used, operating at 1000 kHz – four times faster than the competition. Sadly though, there’s no USB 3.0 or SATA 6Gbps on the MSI H55M-ED55.

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