Cooler Master 690 II Advanced

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Skrevet af Nicolas den 18. Mar 2010. Testen er vist 16236 gange.

Cooler Master was founded in 1992, and has since been one of the world's leading hardware manufacturers, focusing mainly on cases and cooling solutions. To begin with, Cooler Master aimed at enthusiasts, but trough the years they've started producing products for all segments which is why they now have cheap mainstream products and very expensive high end stuff as well. Cooler Masters portfolio has expanded a lot trough the past few years, and now include various pc accessories as well as high quality power supplies. About 6 months ago, we reviewed the Cooler Master CM 690 PURE case, and ended up with a very positive experience.

This time around, we're reviewing the successor called CM 690 II Advanced. Cooler Master has tried to further develop the original CM 690 case, resulting in only slight design changes and a few additions to the feature list, compared to the original version. The price tag on this new CM 690 case is very attractive and the case itself appeals to many people.

A nice photo of the CM 690 II Advanced case is printed on the front of the box. Cooler Master has used black coloring for the box design, but the back reveals hints of Cooler Masters own colors, purple and white.

The back is used for illustrating some of the features, and a couple of pictures of the exterior and interior design.

Cooler Master has packed the CM 690 II Advanced case in 2 polystyrene pads to protect it from damage, as well as covering the case with a plastic bag to avoid scratches, moisture and dust. The instructions manual is found in the top, allowing the user to look trough the features and other information before unwrapping the case. 

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