Antec LanBoy Air Gamer Case test

Hardware udlånt af: Antec.

Skrevet af Nicolas Lykke Iversen den 13. Dec 2010. Testen er vist 11457 gange.

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The front.




The front cannot be dismounted. Drive covers can be dismounted by removing screws if you want to make room for 3 x 5.25” drives.


2x 120 mm fans are mounted in the front to lead in air and cool the harddrives – these fans are specified to run 1000-2000 RPM’s and their noise level is 34.5 dB.

The fans can be detached by removing two screws.


Antec shows of their logo on the front with big letters in a silver-colored front. 

The fancontrolling unit for the front fans consists of two nobs which can be turned to adjust the fans RPM’s.


All pre-mounted fans are connected to the power supply by MOLEX connections. Antec have not included MOLEX to 3 pin converters in the accessories. 





Drive covers dismounted. 


The 120 mm fans on the side panel can be adjusted in RPM by two small bottoms. They can be set to either high or low speed – depending on the users need for cooling. 

The front panel is easily accessible and contains 2 x USB 2.0 and 1 x USB 3.0. Antec have chosen to leave out e-SATA and FireWire as a result of declining demand. Sound and microphone jacks are placed between the USB-ports.  


On/off button is located to the right, reboot on the left with harddrive and activity indicators by its side.




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