ASUS EAH2600XT D4/HTDI/256M (UK) test

Hardware udlånt af: ASUS.
Skrevet den 25. Mar 2008. Testen er vist 10584 gange.

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ASUS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hardware, and they have a wide range of products out. We’ve already tested various different products from ASUS, and this time, we have one of their mid-range graphics cards in our hands – coming from their ATi Radeon series. More specifically, it is the ASUS EAH2600XT, which is a Radeon HD 2600XT with 256MB DDR4 RAM.

The ASUS EAH2600XT comes in a vividly colored box with the most important specifications and features printed on it. Here one can also read that the card has DDR4 RAM.

Inside the box one finds the graphics card and accessories securely wrapped up, common to ASUS.

The ASUS EAH2600XT D4/HDTI/256M graphics card is of course also contained within an anti-static bag in order to secure the components from static electricity.

The ASUS EAH2600XT comes with a support CD-Rom, a drive CD-Rom, and a small Get-Started-Guide in English. A case is also included for safekeeping of the CDs.

Other than that, the following is also found inside the package: DVI -> HDMI adaptor, DIV -> CRT adaptor, HDTV-out cable and a CrossFire bridge.

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