ABIT IX38 QuadGT (UK) test

Hardware udlånt af: Abit.
Skrevet den 12. Jul 2008. Testen er vist 10056 gange.

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It’s time to have a look at a motherboard from Abit, based on the X38 chipset. This board carries the name ABIT IX38-QuadGT, and stands out from the Abit IP35 Pro with a new chipset and improved cooling. Everything else though is copied from the previously mentioned motherboard. As said before, the new feature is the IX38’s use of the X38 chipset, which is the enthusiast solution compared to the P35 chipset. Among others, 45nm support, three PCI-E slots, special Abit Uguru overclocking software can be mentioned as features. All in all, we’re in for an exciting review.


Below are the main specifications for the Abit IX38-QuadGT motherboard.

- Intel® Core 2 Multi-Core and Intel 45nm support
- Supports FSB 1333 MHz and Dual Channel DDR2 1066 RAM
- Crossfire with PCIe 2.0
- Abit CPU ThermalGuard – Prevents overheating
- Abit Silent Otes Chipset cooling
- Abit SoftMenu – Simple BIOS based overclocking
- SATA 3Gb/s
- 7.1 CH HD Audio
- One Click BIOS Update
- Dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN
- External Clear CMOS button
- 2 external SATA connections
- µGuru Technology for Overclocking



Moving on to the packaging. As we know from tradition, the motherboard is in a big box, which in the Abit QuadGT’s case is red and black with a race car on the front. On the back there’s a bunch of information about the motherboard, but we’ll get back to these later.

Inside the box we see the motherboard in another box with a piece of plastic on top. All the necessary and usual accessories are bundled, but nothing special is included. A very basic bundle.

- I/O Shield
- Instructions manuals
- Driver CD
- 4 x Serial ATA cables
- 1 x Floppy cable
- 1 x IDE cable


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