Ny opdatering til spillet Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter

Ny opdatering til spillet Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter

Vi kan snart ikke holde styr på alle de opdateringer Paradox Interactive og Kerberos Productions har frigivet til spillet Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter. Måske skulle de have ventet nogle måneder med at frigive spillet?


Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter er et tur baseret strategi spil. Spillet blev frigivet den 28. oktober 2011 og benytter en MARS 2 spil Engine.



Opdatering til Sword of the Stars II Lords of Winter



Critical Fixes:
• Fixed an end of combat crash related to retreating.
• Fixed a couple crashes related to diplomatic actions with
independent factions.
• Fixed remaining known multiplayer sync crashes.
• Fixed a crash caused by the target of a boarding pod being destroyed.
• Fixed a crash in the battle rider manager.
• Fixed a crash caused by network clients finishing combat prior to the host.
• Fixed a crash that could occur when calculating rebel AI economic ratings.
• Fixed a crash caused by submitting a treaty with an independent
faction without first selecting the type.

Other Fixes:
• Fixed spectre camouflage.
• Strategic turn timer is now displayed in games that use it.
• Fixed an issue where players were not being assigned the correct
initial star systems.
• Fixed the UI issue that was preventing players from moving ships in
combat in some cases.
• Gate labs now apply a bonus only to drive research.
• Independent colonies no longer form on barren planetoids nor gas giants.
• Fixed an issue that was preventing minelayers from functioning in combat.
• Improved framerate in combat when many ships are selected.
• Fixed some issues with the grav cannon.
• Colony information panels were tweaked to display in owner colors.
• Trade stimulus no longer provides more freighters than are needed.
• Encounters involving non-aggression parties no longer induce morale penalties.
• Fixed known AI issues with slaver encounters.
• Fixed a bug that was assigning unwanted modules to stations and ships.
• Fixed known issues that were preventing players from upgrading stations.
• Addressed VN-related framerate issues.
• Retreating ships no longer get pulled back into combat at the same location.
• Fixed an issue - fleets will now maintain their positions for
multiple rounds of combat.
• Initial station weapons are now longer range.
• Fixed an issue where station upgrades were not updating station structure.
• Fixed an issue where players were spawning too close to the star
during random encounters.
• The Morrigi Relic encounter no longer holds players in combat after
the relics are destroyed.
• Fixed an issue where the research screen was not correctly
displaying module bonuses.
• Fixed main menu sound playing in games when the sound enabled
options are turned on and off.
• Removed the unwanted vertical scrollbar from the avatar and badge
selection strips.
• Fixed some issues with AI ship design and related weapon selection.
• Active invoices are now properly discarded when leaving the build screen.
• Made changes to fleet interception logic to address a pathological
case that was causing Hiver intercepts to fail when they should not.
• Fixed some Hiver Gate fleet loopholes.
• Fixed an issue that was allowing speech events to play while disabled.
• Fixed various text string errors.

• Added curvature Compensation bonus for Liir.
• Added phase dislocation tech bonus.
• Added colony support trips configuration.
• Support missions now default to the maximum possible trips.
• Added station retrofitting.
• Added click-to-focus for items in the fleet summary.
• Support event dialogs now identify the supporting fleet.
• Empire summary values now display in red and green to reflect change
since the previous turn.
• Asteroid monitors are now available as player buildable defenses.
• Protectorate ship section effects.
• The defense manager now displays incoming fleet vectors for pending
• Zuul missions will now prompt for the automatic inclusion of a bore
ship when necessary, instead of assuming that one is needed.

Skrevet af Martin den 11. May 2012. Nyheden er læst 316 gang(e).

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