Stor opdatering til Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter

Stor opdatering til Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter

Vi kan snart ikke holde styr på alle de opdateringer Paradox Interactive og Kerberos Productions har frigivet til spillet Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter.


Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter er et tur baseret strategi spil. Spillet blev frigivet den 28. oktober 2011 og benytter en MARS 2 spil Engine.



Opdatering til Sword of the Stars II Lords of Winter



Critical Fixes:
• Fixed a known defense manager fleet list crash.
• Fixed an end of combat crash related to combat involving neutral factions.
• Made numerous sound system changes to help with frame rate issues.
• Fixed a crash related to queued station modules.
• Fixed a minefield related crash in combat.
• Fixed a crash in the design screen related to selecting and submitting defense platforms.
• Fixed a combat retreat crash.
• Fixed a crash related to entering and exiting the empire manager.
• Fixed known memory leaks in transitions to and from the star map.
• Fixed a silent multiplayer crash related to random encounters.
• Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the build screen.
• Fixed a multiplayer hang that could occur versus lone gate ships.


Other Fixes:
• Reduced ship spark effect density to help with frame rate issues.
• Fixed an issue preventing the Repair All function from working.
• Fixed an issue where a VN disintegrator beam could remain linked to ships that left its range.
• It is no longer possible to cancel return missions for retreating fleets.
• Fixed the issue where colonies were firing at targets outside of sensor range.
• Fixed the issue where planets would mysteriously disappear from the list of colonization options.
• Fixed an multiple combat round issue where the game would try to select eliminated fleets.
• Fixed the issue where construction missions would leave stations under construction if the construction ships were destroyed.
• Fixed known issues of missiles spinning in space.
• Fixed a bug that was causing prototyped ships to become too cheap.
• Fixed known issues where diplomatic actions could result in a negative cost, adding to a player's RDP instead of subracting from it.
• Addressed issues that were causing the AI to declare war too frequently.
• Fixed the missing news event notifying players of war declarations against them.
• Fixed an issue where colonies were not correctly reporting when they were developed.
• Fixed an issue that was preventing Hivers from upgrading gate stations fully.


Other Changes:
• Build and design screens now show design attributes.
• Made some improvements to the mine field placement flow in the defense manager.
• Tracking weapons can now target the dish on a command monitor.
• Fleets involved in multiple rounds of combat will lose additional endurance.
• Non-Zuul factions are now attacked by pirates.
• Developing colonies no longer support fleets.
• Improved the research and feasibility study complete dialogs.
• Variety of tweaks and corrections to ship turrets for all factions.

Skrevet af Martin den 13. Apr 2012. Nyheden er læst 392 gang(e).

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