Opdatering til Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta

Opdatering til Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta

Der er denne gang kommet en større opdatering til Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betaen. Opdateringen vil automatisk blive installeret når man starter spillet op. Opdateringen inkluderer følgende:

- Made Kevlar and helmet purchasable separately.
- Made defuse kits buyable.
- Based on pro feedback, fixed grenade spamming from the buyzone by limiting buy of one of each grenade type per round.
- Fixed many instances reported in forums of players being able to access areas that should be inaccessible. 
- Fixed several issues with transparent walls / other elements.
- Fixed a few instances of incorrect effects associated with materials (sparks on plastic, etc.).
- Fixed some problems with the bomb being able to float in mid-air after being planted.

- Made bots less prone to getting stuck in certain areas.
- Tuned bot difficulty. They should be initially less deadly now.

- Made international characters display correctly in the UI.
- Redesigned win panel and made it team-specific.
- Fixed bug that caused player ID chevrons to remain over dead players sometimes.
- Fixed bug that caused player ID chevrons to linger when the pause menu was up.
- Addressed many UI issues that could occur when playing the game in standard definition
- Fixed the screen resize options screen.
- Adjusted the bombsite markers on the radar for some maps to reflect their locations more accurately.
- Fixed issue that sometimes caused death notices to overlap with mini-scoreboard.

- Added new music for the front end.
- Added new music for many in-game events.
- Fixed deathcam music playing twice in competitive mode.
- Addressed issue with front end music not stopping when playing via a CONNECT command
- Made some more adjustments to volume level of footsteps on various surfaces.
- Tuned ambience levels for all maps.

- Changed quickmatch to de_train





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