SilverStone Air Penetrator SST-AP121-USB Review

SilverStone Air Penetrator SST-AP121-USB Review

It is hard to believe another year already passed by us, and January has come and gone. Sometimes it feels like it wasn't too long ago that we were making our New Year's resolutions, and trying our best to follow them. I'm sure, as most people know, that these resolutions are quite hard to keep. One of mine was to keep on top of my work schedule here at APH Networks, and trust me -- the Editor-in-Chief isn't very happy so far, haha. Just before the start of 2012, I starkly recall one memorable conversation with some friends while enjoying lunch at KFC. At the table, we were talking about some of the latest tech trends, and I decided to bring up some of the various USB devices we have today, and what would make a great (gag) gift during the Christmas season. Some people said things such as USB mini fridges, USB cup warmers, and other assorted USB devices. Cool, but they are all so, for a lack of better term, '2008'. Then, a specific friend of mine, while enjoying his food, said that there should be a USB cooling solution that would cool off his food. I kept that in mind during the holiday season, and decided to look for something along those lines as a product to write a lounge article on, since it has been a while since we last wrote about of this extent that doesn't fit into our normal review schemes. Lo and behold, we finally have said product that I distinctly recall talking about. Not only is it a USB fan from SilverStone, I also picked up an interesting version -- so to speak -- in tribute to my friend.



SilverStone Air Penetrator SST-AP121-USB Review

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