Opdatering til Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter

Opdatering til Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter

Kerberos Productions er kommet med endnu en større opdatering til stragegi spillet Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter, der udkom for nogle måneder siden.


Den nye opdatering omfatter følgende fixes, og opdateringe kan blandt andet hentes ned via Steam.


Critical Fixes:
• Fixed the known issues where ships would not respond to controls.
• Fixed a design screen boarding pod-related crash.
• Fixed an AI crash that could occur when issuing orders to fleets.
• Fixed a crash related to Hiver AI trying to set Gate missions.
• Fixed a crash that could occur when entering combat with police cutters.
• Fixed the rare crash that could occur when previewing maps when creating a game.
• Fixed the crash that could occur when combat salvage generated a special project.
• Fixed a game lockup that could occur when entering combat at a system with no orbiting bodies.


Other Fixes:
• Fixed known issues where planet missiles and boarding pods were missing certain ship sections.
• Fixed the issue where only one module of the same type would show up in the design screen.
• Fixed some known Battleship rider issues with Leviathan class carriers.
• Fixed Hiver, Human, and Liir boarding pod speeds.
• Fixed Drone configuration issues with the Horde Drone Satellite.
• Fixed incorrect display of armor in the design screen.
• Fixed a couple issues causing different combat results at different time scales.
• Fixed the launch pattern of planet missiles, which should lead to planet defenses being more effective.
• Fixed the issue where feasibility could be displayed as 0%.
• Fixed Meson Beam Length and the issue where its impact effects were not positioned correctly.
• Fixed some issues where ships could fly over planets in combat.
• Fixed the missing sound cue for relocate missions.
• Fixed duplicate speech events for research breakthroughs.
• Fixed an issue where the empire summary was counting fleets incorrectly.


Other Changes:
• Various weapon and section tweaks.
• Sensor information is now shared by players in teams (allied for example) in combat.


Known Issues:
• Overlapping start points can occur at star systems with no orbiting bodies.



Opdatering til Sword of the Stars II Lords of Winter


Link: Steam

Skrevet af Martin den 9. Jan 2012. Nyheden er læst 653 gang(e).

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