Ny producent med gamle kendinge vil producere high end produkter

Ny producent med gamle kendinge vil producere high end produkter

Flere gamle kendinge fra blandt andet Cooler Master, er gået sammen og har startet virksomheden BitFenix, der vil sælge high end produkter til blandt andet gamere.


Der er endnu ingen produkter på deres hjemmeside, men der skulle være spændende nyheder på vej.



Across the globe, the technological revolution has spread far and wide. More and more people have made technology an integral part of their daily lives. Many of us turn to our computers as our primary source of entertainment, and some of us even rely on their machines every day for their livelihood. For people like us, we are proud to announce the rise of BitFenix.

BitFenix is a new kind of hardware designer. Comprised of both IT and gaming professionals, BitFenix merges the insights and experience of these two groups together to create never-before-seen gaming hardware and peripherals. The BitFenix Team’s core design philosophy is to put the user in complete control of their hardware and this will be achieved through smart engineering, thoughtful design, and some very novel ideas. 

In an industry that is filled with me-too products, BitFenix will strive to bring truly innovative products to the scene, and create products that blend seamlessly with the digital lifestyle. Traditional product development is very one-sided, with the company making all the decisions. BitFenix will connect directly with the community in order to bring the products enthusiasts want to life.

"The truth is that users shouldn’t have to adjust to the way their hardware works, which is why we want to give users as much control as possible," said David Jarlestedt, BitFenix Product Manager. "The time has come for true innovation to hit the scene, and I believe we have the experience and know-how to make it happen. And because a product’s form is almost as important as its function, BitFenix products will be crafted to look as good as they work. We are driven to deliver some groundbreaking products, and along with the feedback from the community, I believe our upcoming designs will really cause people to do a double-take."

In the top levels of competition, the difference between victory and defeat is razor-thin. With this in mind, BitFenix products will deliver extreme performance for the discerning user. Whether it is helping to improve their accuracy, increase their efficiency, or allowing their systems to run better, faster, or cooler, BitFenix understands the special needs of gamers and computer enthusiasts who count on their systems to give them the edge.

"Superior quality and good design are essential characteristics of GIGABYTE motherboards and we enjoy working with likeminded PC component partners, such as BitFenix, who are pushing their industry’s boundaries with enthusiast class products," commented Tim Handley, Deputy Director of Motherboard Marketing at GIGABYTE Technology Co. Ltd. "Of particular interest is the adoption of SuperSpeed USB in the front panel of BitFenix PC chassis, and GIGABYTE is cooperating with them on an R&D level to ensure compatibility between our USB 3.0 motherboards and BitFenix chassis."

Because gamers especially cannot afford to wonder if their hardware will continue to perform mid-battle, strength is the final focus of BitFenix products. In ultra-competitive environments, there are already too many variables to consider, and BitFenix wants to remove hardware from that equation. Built for strength and toughness, users can rely on BitFenix products to perform as intended, no matter how taxing the situation.

"Actual competition is fierce, and you don't want your hardware giving up on you during a match. BitFenix products are engineered with strength in mind, able to perform day in and day out as they are designed to do," said Isiah Huang, BitFenix Chief Engineer.

Coming up over the next few weeks will be more exciting news from the BitFenix Team, including a very special contest and other cool announcements.

Link: Tweak.dk

Skrevet den 12. Apr 2010. Nyheden er læst 1959 gang(e).

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