ASUS løfter sløret for deres aktiviteter på Dreamhack

ASUS løfter sløret for deres aktiviteter på Dreamhack

ASUS har nu meldt ud hvilke aktiviteter der bliver hos dem på Dreamhack, der afholdes her sidst i november måned, og det ser bestemt ikke ud til at blive kedligt. Her bliver alt fra ekstrem overclocking til det populære spil World of Warcraft.



ASUS assures and hits harder than any previous Dreamhack event. With an eventbooth of 220 square meters, dedicated to deliver gaming and overclocking on the very highest level - that guarantees a visual experience for gaming as well as overclocking interested.

The famous and world-leading World of Warcraft-guild Paragon will during DreamHack show their skills in ASUS booth. In addition to that, they will have 25-man raids and show ultimate "hard modes" while Paragon collects forces against the Lich-King's stronghold, Icecrown Citadel. Do not miss the chance to see four of the world's premier World of Warcraft players in ASUS booth.



Paragon was the first guild in the world and second in Europe to cope Yogg-Saron without a helper

ASUS provides all hardware interested an ultimate overclocking-experience. The invited overclockers are some of the world's most distinguished and world record achievers. In by far the biggest overclocking-oriented booth ever been shown at DreamHack, ASUS with its partners Intel and Microsoft deliver an experience where the latest technology is combined with the best software. ROG Overclocking Showdown is a contest designed to nominate the best overclocker in the world. That in itself is a unique event that promises entertainment on a whole new level. For the first time, it will now be settled, who really is the best.


Together with ASUS partners Intel and Microsoft, ASUS shows a gaming-machine with a performance never been seen before. With 6pcs ASUS VW266H 26 "LC, 3 pcs ASUS EAH5870 graphics card, ASUS ROG Rampage II Extreme X58 motherboard, Intel Extreme Edition processor and Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, is this impressive gaming-engine more than capable of running the latest DirectX11 game titles.

The most powerful hardware is presented during the event in all of the gaming -machines at the booth. Intel is proud to present its latest Core i7 processor and ASUS shows off the graphics card EAH5870 (full support for Microsoft DirectX11) together with ROG motherboards III Maximus Formula and Rampage II Extreme. Experience also how the hardware and software works so much faster and more smoothly with Microsoft Windows 7.

During DreamHack, ASUS shows for the first time their last laptop ASUS G51J 3D, which has a 120Hz screen that enables the Nvidia 3D Vision gaming and related glasses. The technology makes it possible to play many of your favorite games in 3D mode. Already today there are about 400 games that support this and more added every day. The computer has an Intel ® Core ™ i7 Processors 720QM running in 1.6GHz (with turbo boost feature enabled, you can reach 2.8GHz) and Nvidia GeForce GTX260M with 1GB of VRAM.


Link: ASUS

Skrevet den 27. Nov 2009. Nyheden er læst 3743 gang(e).

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