Ny version af DVB Viewer

Ny version af DVB Viewer

Det populære media center software DVB Viewer er nu kommet i version

- New: new Video On Demand Filter (VOD).
- New: Version of the DVBSource filter added.
- New: DesktopTV: Changed the DesktopTV method to work with vista64.
- New: Recently used Channels list (deutsch: Kanalhitparade) does show only
  the last 10 recently used channels (channe lhistory). They are saved and
  restored on next start. To disable this see options -> TV+Radio.
- New: A new config file named "userdata.xml" is used. It contains all user
  private data (channel history, url history etc.) and will not be included in a
- New: Actions.ini: Added action "Power Off".
- New: Actions.ini: Added action "Reboot".
- New: New symbolset "nightlife" for the toolbuttons. Thanks @Rago.
- New: The "radlight audioselect" plugin is not supported anymore. Instead an
  internal version is used (thanks @griga).
- New: Infofile for recordings: the used device is now written to the infofile.
- New: Stop and deleting running recordings, which are played back, will result
  in a playback stop so the file can be deleted correctly.
- New: Deleting recordings while playing them back will result in playback stop
  so the file can be deleted correctly.
- New: the hint window now uses the setting for windows hint font.
- Fix: Favourites: Fixed a problem with more than 99 favorites in a group.
- Fix: Visuals: Fixed visuals ignored the OSD-Offsets.
- Fix: ATSC - CC some fixes by Christian.
- Fix: Rebuild Graph: the audiochannel display was not updated correctly.
- Fix: Non Admin Users: a multiple DVBViewer installation didn't work because
  the COM server tried to register itself with not enough rights.
- Fix: Removed MultiCPU activation from playback start of the renderer and put
  it in a better place.
- Change: DVB-Subtitles: tweaked and optimized a little bit.
- Change: Screenshot: Filenames are now calculated in a better way.
- Change: graphedit now shows the device name instead of "BDA Tuner".
- Change: Weatherdata is now received again. If you don't use the default skin,
  you need an updated OSD-Skin for it, otherwise you get a warning. For OSD-Designers: You need to integrate a 61x61 button with the ID 500.
- Updated language files.
- Updated OSD-Skin.
- A lot more fixes and optimizations.

Du kan læse mere om hvad der er af nyt her.

Link: DVB Viewer

Skrevet af Lene den 4. Jun 2008. Nyheden er læst 1789 gang(e).

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