ASUS K8N-DRE Dual Opteron

ASUS K8N-DRE Dual Opteron


The Most Valuable Dual Opteron HPC Server Motherboard K8N-DRE


Stocholm, Sweden; February 23rd, 2006 – ASUSTeK Computer Inc (ASUS), a leading provider of performance and quality server solutions, today launched a value-driven server motherboard K8N-DRE based on the dual Opteron platform, nVidia nForce 2200 Pro chipset, DDR400 memory and PCI-E slots. K8N-DRE is not only outstanding in performance, but also versatile in expandability with high performance to cost ratio.



HPC – the Requirement for Server Market

ASUS K8N-DRE supports the latest dual core technology, which upgrades CPU performance immediately. At same CPU frequency, the performance of dual core processor is about 75 higher than that of single core, while there is an average of 55% up on 2.2G dual core than 2.6G single core. Therefore, two-way processor can provide 4-way performance in effect.


DDR400 is the most available memory with reasonable cost in the market. There are 8 DIMM slots in the motherboard to accommodate 16GB ECC Registered memory. Meanwhile, 64-bit OS is also supported in this motherboard, and can well meet the critical computing environment with its 16GB virtual memory space.


Flexible Expandability

To meet different demands from users, K8N-DRE provides choice for expandability. PCI-E slot is the latest I/O interface standard, which provides much higher speed and larger bandwidth compared with PCI-X slots; users can connect PCI-E x 16 device or 2 PCI-E x 8 devices through a riser card. In addition, the PCI 132/33 slot supports most current expansion devices, and the IPMI 2.0 BMC slot also provides remote offline management capacity, which minimizes the system downtime.


Reliable Data Protection

Stability is the first concern for server, but to ensure stable server operation, good thermal is absolutely necessary. ASUS has always been the forefront in pioneering cooling innovations. In K8N-DRE, there are 10 fans total for system cooling. With 4 rear and 6 front fans work efficiently, the cost for fan control board is also saved.


To enterprise users, the server should not only be stable and highly effective. Data security is especially crucial for the fear of disastrous data loss. The ASUS K8N-DRE provides flexible storage and reliable data protection: 4 SATA ports support RAID 0, 1, 0+1 function under Windows, providing reliable data protection to users without the added cost of expensive RAID card.


Specification Summary

Processor: Dual AMD OpteronTM 280 processors / dual core

Chipset: nVidia nForce Professional 2200

Memory: ECC Registered DDR 266/333/400 up to 16GB / 8 slots

Expansion: 1X PCI-E x 16 and/or 32bit PCI for legacy support, 1 mini-PCI socket for ASMB2 card

On-board Chip: 2 x Broadcom® BCM5721 PCI-E Gb LAN

Board Size: 12” x 13” EATX, EEB



About ASUS

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (TSE:2357) is a leading provider of 3C total solutions. Its product portfolio includes notebooks, motherboards, graphics cards, optical drives, information appliances, desktop PCs, servers, wireless solutions, mobile phones and networking devices. With world-class engineering and offices and subsidiaries located in all corners of the world, ASUSTeK provides innovative solutions to consumers, businesses and OEM/ODM customers, and has won 1706 awards in 2005, with recognition in design excellence from iF Gold Award, while ranks in the tops of Business Week InfoTech for the 8th straight year. The company is the perennial leader of the motherboard and graphics card industries and a top 4 maker globally for notebooks.


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