Noiseblocker fortsætter under navnet Coolink

Noiseblocker fortsætter under navnet Coolink

Noiseblocker stopper med at lave deres støjsvage blæsere, men produkterne fortsætter nu under et nyt navn.


Taipei / Wien, December 15th 2005 - Rascom and Kolink today introduced the new SWiF (short for 'Silent Whisper Fan') fan series of the Coolink brand. The transparent-blue SWiF fans have so far been sold under the brand name 'Noiseblocker® Ultra Silent Fan' (Rev. 1.0). From now on, the popular fans are available in familiar Noiseblocker® quality but at a much more attractive price! So long Noiseblocker®, welcome Coolink: the originial blue fan is back and more affordable!

"As Noiseblocker® no longer obtains its 'Ultra Silent Fans' from Kolink International Corp and cooperates with a different manufacturer for its new models, we decided to continue the product under the Coolink SWiF brand name in accordance with the high customer interest', explains Kuo-Chen Chu , CEO Kolink International Corporation. Many versions of the new 'Silent Whisper Fans' are identical in construction to the proven Noiseblocker® 'Ultra Silent Fans' (Rev. 1.0) and hence possess the same outstanding performance and operating characteristics that have convinced hundreds and thousands of users over the years.

"The new SWiF fans are the perfect solution for those who want to continue to enjoy the quietness, quality and design of the popular 'Ultra Silent Fans' (Rev. 1.0) at a significantly more affordable price', Mag. Roland Mossig, CEO der Rascom Computerdistribution Ges.m.b.H. says.

Models: 80, 92 and 120mm in various versions The new SWiF fans are available in 80, 90 and 120mm formats, each in various versions - depending on whether maximum quietness or higher airflow is required. Within the 80mm series, the SWiF-801 corresponds to the previous Noiseblocker® S1 (Rev. 1.0), the SWiF-802 to the S2 (Rev. 1.0) and the SWiF-803 to the S3 (Rev. 1.0). The 92mm fan SWiF-922 complies with Noiseblocker®'s SE2 (Rev. 1.0). Within the 120mm series, the SWiF-1201 corresponds to the Noiseblocker® SX1, whereas the SWiF-1200 is even more silent. All models are available both in retail packaging and low-priced 'Basic' versions. While the 'Basic' versions include just a set of fan screws, the retail version comes with fan screws, 3:4 pin adaptor, manual fan speed control and a PCI mounting bracket for adjustable fan speed knob. Detailed specifications and data sheets are available at

Sales and distribution
International distribution is carried out by Rascom Computerdistribution Ges.m.b.H.. PNL-Tech Ges.m.b.H. is responsible for the distribution in Germany. All 'Basic' and retail models are available immediately.

About Kolink
Kolink International Corporation is a cooling specialist established in 1996 and well known among industry insiders. Throughout the years, Kolink designed and manufactured many top-performing heat-sinks under various brand names that succeeded in international markets. To name one, Kolink's superior manufacturing technology greatly contributed to the excellent reviews that CPU coolers of the Noiseblocker® brand received in the German media for many years. An experienced R&D team and ultra-modern production plants in Taiwan ensure continuous progress, efficient manufacturing conditions and strict quality standards.

About Coolink & Coolink Europe
Kolink's retail brand Coolink holds a strong presence in the Asian market and has achieved considerable success during the past years. With its product range and information preparation specifically tailored to the requirements of the European market, Coolink-Europe will open up the European retail market.

About Rascom
Rascom Computerdistribution Ges.m.b.H. is specialised in the distribution of PC accessories for the highest demands. Business customers and consumers alike benefit from a product range that is selected according to strict quality criteria, a high level of availability and personal, obliging service. The core of the business activities is made up of cooling (with a special focus on silent components), design- and high-end cases and quality power supplies.  Furthermore, Rascom offers a broad range of high grade accessories (e.g. external drive enclosures, removable racks, input devices, etc.), whereas direct import from the far east, continuous contact with international manufacturers and the attendance at trade fairs permit a fast and flexible reaction to new trends.

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