Swiftech MCX462-V @ gruntville.com

Swiftech MCX462-V @ gruntville.com


We’ve all heard the term “You get what you pay for”, and never has it been more relevant than in aftermarket cooling. With the MCX462-V, Swiftech has introduced a product by which all others should be judged; a product that should appeal to all segments of the market, not just the hardcore overclocking crowd. Gone is the requirement that a 80+ CFM fan generating ear bleeding levels of noise must be used to achieve quality cooling. Even with confined spaces such as a HTPC case, users can now relax in the comfort of knowing that they can still use a quiet 80mm fan and not have to worry about cooking their processor.

Coming in at the mid $40 range, the MCX462-V is definitely a hit to the pocketbook, but when you consider the build quality and attainable performance, I think it more than justifies the cost. It’s nice to see the inclusion of brand name thermal compound as well, this time in the form of some Artic Alumina. The finish and overall flatness off the base is second to none amongst the other competing manufacturers. I also like the fact that one also has the ability to swap out the fan mounts so that you can choose between 80mm and 92mm fans, depending on your own prerogative. Judging from the numbers though, unless you’re planning on using a 92mm Tornado, you might be better off using a 80mm. For the adventurous type, you could go so far as to fashion your own mounts to allow the mounting of a 120mm fan.

The only real complaint I have with this model is the fact that there’s no longer the option of using the 4 hole mounting like we’ve been accustomed to in the past. I think my chief concern is the amount of weight that’s being placed on the socket tabs, those snap off and you’re out of luck. Worse case scenario, one could simply take the heatsink off before travel to the local LAN party or friends house to avoid any unnecessary stress to the mounts. The only other potential issue I can see is for those using aftermarket coolers on their northbridge chips as there is the potential for that the two may clash heads, but being that the pins bend fairly easily, should this issue arise, it would be easily solvable.

All things said and done, Swiftech has done an amazing job at taking an already incredible product back to the drawing board and retooling it for even better performance across the board, and you have to admit, the new pin layout is pretty pimp too. I’d like to thank the kind folks at Swiftech for providing us with the product for today’s review and for continuing to bring great products such as this to the marketplace.

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