Roundup af SATA harddiske

Roundup af SATA harddiske

Seagate 7200.7
Living with this drive is very easy. It’s quiet (almost unnoticeable) and even at full read/write speeds it maintains its composure with hardly any excess noise. Temperatures are low; when placing my hand on the top cover, it’s warm to the touch, but not oppressive. It may not be the best performer of the bunch, but it does satisfy my need to have a quiet case. In gaming, I’m not running into any problems. I’ve loaded most of my games onto it: Unreal Tournament 2003, Planetside, Rise of Nations, etc. and haven’t noticed any hiccups or strains at all. I’d recommend this drive to corporate and home PC users.

Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9
Another easy drive to live with. It’s a bit noisier, but it’s also having to actuate 3 platters instead of two. Performance-wise, I was surprised by the benchmarks having succumbed to the hype of the Raptor. I loaded a few games on this drive to play around with (same as above) and noticed no real hiccups at all. It’s definitely running a bit hotter than the 7200.7 (I got a little burned skin to prove it), but it’s in no way the furnace that the Raptor is. I’d recommend this drive for A/V enthusiasts and gamers.

Western Digital Raptor
King of storage this isn’t. 36GB is way too little for most people nowadays and I struggled to find a purpose for this drive in my day-to-day life. A lot of people recommended striping two drives together in a RAID 0 array (which I did), but the end result of data insecurity (and a failed stripe set) did little to assuage my opinion that this drive is best left in the enterprise market. That being said, it’s loud, it’s hot (scalding), it’s incredibly fast. It’s not a good value (at over $3.41 per gigabyte), but if you’re looking for a drive that will blow the veritable doors off of anything else, this is the way to go. Matched pairs would be the best, as this is a not a one drive show.

Evaluating these drives was tough. Not only were there 3 different sized drives, there were 2 separate spindle speeds present too. One drive was targeted towards enterprise while the other two were aimed at general consumers. The variables present in this test were challenging. However, looking back over the data we have seen, I can honestly say that what you see before you are the pinnacle of Serial ATA technology. Since these drives were manufactured, Samsung and Hitachi have both released Serial ATA drives that will compete well with these three mainstream giants.

In the meantime, evaluate your storage decision carefully. Take inventory of what you do most often and buy with that in mind. If you're constantly using office applications and light gaming, take the Seagate 7200.7 home. If you're more into the Audio/Video or Home Theater PC thing and do some heavy gaming as well, focus on Maxtor's DiamondMax Plus 9 offering. If you like RAID and are willing to sink more money per gigabyte, buy the Western Digital Raptor in sets of two. Each of these drives has proven to me that Serial ATA is mature, is ready to work hard, and can revolutionize future storage systems that are on the horizon. 

Link: Hardocp

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