Pentium M og Intel 855PM info

Pentium M og Intel 855PM info

Ved et større presse show i Japan har Intel løfter sløret for den kommende Pentium M processor.

Her er en oversættelse fra Excite:

Centrino is what Intel developed from zero for the first time as a product for note PCs. In order to give one's name in a Centrino brand, when it is necessary to carry "Pentium M" which is CPU, "Intel 855" of a chip set, and the wireless LAN module for mini PCI of the company "Intel PRO/Wireless 2100" and at least one is missing in this, it cannot sell as a Centrino brand.

Therefore, only CPU and a chip set will be adopted and it will sell not by Centrino but by the "Pentium M" brand in the case where Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 is not carried.

In case Intel adopts a Centrino brand strategy, it says that it has strengthened the barricade day SHON test of these three components.

Especially about a wireless LAN module, it is said that connection nature in a hot spot which has begun spread in every country in the world, security and VPN, connection verification in various fire wall courses, etc. are carried out. It advertized that a user felt easy by this and he could use wireless environment easily. Moreover, Intel was also emphasizing supporting spreading and promotion of the hot spot in in and outside the country.

Centrino should be regarded as the highest mobile technology brand which stands on Pentium 4 of the company, and the higher rank of Celeron, and shall have brought about about the same performance as a desktop, a prolonged battery drive, the formation of thin shape lightweight, and the wireless LAN environment in Note PC. It is said that it is possible to cover almost all the notes PC by Centrino except for the high clock model of mobile Pentium 4 from now on.

Then, explanation was given about the technical outline of Centrino mobile technology, and general technical explanation, such as a "micro Ops fusion" etc. which enables execution of a command by power saving, was given by L2 mass cash of 1MB, the "advanced branch prediction" which reduced the branch prediction mistake 20% or more, and the more efficient instruction.

By these, the note PC which carried Centrino mobile technology realizes higher performance with a low clock as compared with the conventional mobile Pentium 4-M, and a further prolonged battery drive is also referred to as being possible.

In addition, about the wireless module, the schedule which will announce the combo card of IEEE 802.11 a/b for the thing dealing with IEEE 802.11b around an announcement and June as planned in March was made known.

In questions and answers, the question was first carried out about the correspondence to IEEE 802.11g. The company described it "wants to wait for decision of the last specification to the last, and to make a firm thing, although there is a plan to supply a product", and the comment about concrete shipment time avoided.

Moreover, although 11b is common about the directivity of a future wireless LAN market at "this time, as for companies, 11a is a trend. The view that however, it was thought that 11a is disadvantageous for the use in a common house with many shelters, and 11g becomes especially in use in a consumer market in Japan" was explained.

The prospect of the market price of a note which carried Centrino "it is thought that it becomes the price which does not change so much for the note which carried the conventional mobile Pentium 4-M. It was said that therefore, 210,000 yen order to commercial production would be possible in the cheapest model."

In addition, although sold as a note PC with almost all products at the beginning of "about a possibility that the product which adopted Centrino mobile technology except Note PC will appear, it is not not selling, if it is not surely made the form of a note. When there was a request, uses, such as the space PC, also explained, "Sale was possible." Moreover, about a plan to announce the popular edition which reduced cash like Celeron, it presupposed ", at present, there is no plan."

Skrevet af Martin den 2. Mar 2003. Nyheden er læst 786 gang(e).

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