AZiO Levetron Mech5 Gaming Keyboard Review

AZiO Levetron Mech5 Gaming Keyboard Review

I had to do a fair bit of homework for this review, as this is the first time I have personally dealt with AZiO Corporation, and any of the "Mech" series of keyboards. It seems that AZiO offers quite a few products that cover storage devices, wired and wireless networking devices, peripherals, cables, and of course keyboards. At present AZiO lists 13 various keyboards from sleek looking wireless ones, even a mini thumb keyboard, right on up to the wired mechanical keyboards that we will be discussing today.


Narrowing the field to just its mechanical selections in keyboards, you are left with three solutions from AZiO. The first is a more normal looking design called the Levetron Clicker that uses keys much like what is found in the Matias, Alps white mechanical switches, hence the name "Clicker". The next solution to look at would be the Levetron Mech4.


Now this takes design boundaries to a new limit, and may not be a keyboard for everyone, more specifically with the yellowish paint and blue LED lighting, makes it tough to match it to the rest of the PC, as most DIY builds aren't blue and yellow. That isn't to say that AZiO sat on their heels with this design and let it fall by the wayside; rather they picked up what looks to be a solid concept, and in my mind improved on it.


So that leaves us with AZiO's latest solution, and the keyboard we are going to be having an in-depth look at today, the Levetron Mech5 mechanical gaming keyboard. There isn't a whole lot on the surface that has changed besides the choice of paint color to trim out and label. Once the board is powered up and the software is added, you then get the glow of red LEDs with this incarnation and AZiO logo on the volume knob. The software will also leave your head spinning with the unlimited possibilities of control that the software provides its users.



AZiO Levetron Mech5 Gaming Keyboard Review

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