Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 Mid-Tower Chassis Review

Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 Mid-Tower Chassis Review

What I would like to bring to light is that we have done many reviews over the years of cases that have done really well, and eventually get a second chance at life with some sort of a redo. In most instances, the second version of the chassis will add USB 3.0, or maybe adding a window if the original wasn't equipped with it, but on the whole, most attempts at the second version fall sort of flat with little thought to every aspect. They tend to be more of a "lipstick" approach to just make more money off of what had done well in the past.


This is one of the rare occasions where the manufacturer only kept the basic styling to give you that "I can see how this is a Scout" impression when you see it. Cooler Master only kept what was important, and really gave the original chassis design a serious sprucing up to compete in today's ever changing market for enclosures. Not only was the outside refined, portability improved, and design features on the outside all changed, the inside gets a fair amount of changes applied to it to also give users more of what we demand of our cases these days.


Today we are going to be examining the Storm Scout 2 from Cooler Master. While the name harks back to a portable, clunky, squared off design with an odd looking door, let me tell you, if that is what you expect to see now, you will be pleasantly surprised. In reality Cooler Master listened to its customers needs and wants, updated the feature set to modern standards, and is delivering you a much improved design and layout to carry the Storm Scout naming.


I have to hand it to Cooler Master. In the short time I have used this chassis, they have sold me on a case that I really wasn't too fond of with the original, and I bet by the time you are done reading this you will be sold on the Storm Scout 2 as well.



Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 Mid-Tower Chassis Review

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