Ubisoft presents Funky Barn 3D

Ubisoft presents Funky Barn 3D

Ubisoft announced that Funky Barn 3D, the first farm simulation game for the Nintendo 3DS system, is available in EMEA territories.


Funky Barn 3D is a game that will let the player run their own funky and frenzied farm. Thanks to the Shearing Machine, players will be able to harvest wool from their sheep, while the TruffleCopter flies around crazily picking up any truffles their pigs may have discovered. With tons of wacky contraptions and goofy animals, Funky Barn 3D is far from being an average farm game!


Key Features


Quirky animals to raise & manage, each with their own challenges & eccentric personalities; pigs and cows will get along just fine, but if a chicken stays near a goose, the player should be prepared for feathers to fly.


Hands-on farming: via the touch screen, players can shake trees to make fruit fall, build fences and roads, throw an unsuspecting cow into a milking machine or grab a helpless sheep from the claws of a nasty fox.


Hands-off farming: players can start their career by doing all the hard work themselves, but as they become more successful they’ll be able to afford some robotic friends who can do it for them: the Egg Collector, cleverly disguised as a giant egg with boots, can sneak into a chicken or goose yard unnoticed; the Fruit Harvester, a hammer-wielding robot on wheels, can attack fruit trees and knock their valuable fruit free.


Connecting and sharing with friends: players can keep an eye on how their friends are progressing on their own farms thanks to the in-game news sticker and farm info screens, compare Challenge Mode scores, or exchange rare items via Street Pass.


A high replay value with many ways to play: the game offers two possibilities to its players: to create their own farm from the ground up from a variety of farmlands with various geographical challenges, or to revive an already out-of-control farm in Challenge Mode.


A battle against natural disasters and marauding pests: Tornadoes, lightning storms, foxes, wolves and more will devastate the player’s farm and steal their animals unless they build up their defenses. The Defense Hangar, completed with jet fighters, will fly into action when a UFO gets near their cow barn.


The most beautiful farm around: Decorating the farm with a variety of plants will keep the players’ animals happy, but they should better watch out since plants grow mushrooms that can either have very positive or very explosive effects on some animals.


Stunning 3D visuals: A world full of charm and character, where it is not only the animals and plants but also the rmachines and buildings that spring to life.

Link: Ubisoft

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