ARCTIC Accelero Hybrid AIO Video Card Cooler Review

ARCTIC Accelero Hybrid AIO Video Card Cooler Review

As the title suggests, the latest submission to our labs for testing is from ARCTIC and it is in fact the first company to market with this Hybrid style of cooling for video cards. I'm sure if you hopped in my "way-back" machine you will find a review from CoolIt and their AIO GPU cooling solution, the Omni. CoolIt took the idea of making a plate that covers each type of video card (that they actually got around to doing), so that if you want to swap out your video card, you would also need to dig deeper into your pocket to get a new cooling plate to fit the new purchase. Back when the Omni was released, AIO cooling was just in its baby stage of evolution and the idea really didn't catch on all too well at that time and the product has pretty much gone AWOL since I reviewed it.

This is where ARCTIC decided to up the stakes and deliver a similar solution that could work with most video cards right out of the box. There are a couple of cards that this version of the cooler will not fit, but ARCTIC has a "7970" version as well that takes on the needs of all of the higher end of the AMD lineup that this version of the cooler won't allow. Between the two version of this cooler, there isn't a video card listed that seems incompatible, as long as the mounting hole spacing is correct and you can apply heat sinks to the correct components of legacy cards without diagrams or instruction from the manual.


In ARCTIC's design there isn't a full cover plate to cool the card like CoolIt was offering. In this design there is a mix of a Generation 2 Asetek round head pump and heat plate with a thin single radiator to absorb the heat from the GPU die only. So, what about the rest of the components? Well, this is where the Accelero series name comes into play. There is a mix of aluminum heat sinks that get applied to the memory and power delivery chips and to cool them is a fan attached to a black plastic shroud very reminiscent of the other Accelero offerings. Since this is a mix of both water cooling on the die and air cooling for everything else, this cooler is aptly named the Hybrid and is the first to market with this take on an AIO cooler.


There is plenty more to discuss on how this solution works, is controlled and just because I can, I also ran dual fan cooling results on the radiator, as I know most people that buy AIO coolers end up running a push/pull configuration on them anyways. At this point I suggest you grab yourself a beverage and let the dog out, as you are going to be tied up for a few minute if you read this review cover to cover. The ARCTIC Accelero Hybrid AIO GPU cooler has just that much going on and features to still discuss before I can even get to the results this cooler can supply. Using as many AIO products as I have over the past few years, I am excited to see how things go with the Accelero Hybrid and from what I saw already, I think you will be very interested as well.




ARCTIC Accelero Hybrid AIO Video Card Cooler Review

Link: TweakTown

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