MSI IN-602 Stealth Mid-Tower Case Review

MSI IN-602 Stealth Mid-Tower Case Review

Back to the chassis, though. This mid-tower has a couple of things that I have seen from someone else just before this. This chassis offers a feature called Super Charger and it's a port that will allow you to constantly charge a mobile device as long as the PSU is turned on. A handy feature, just like when I saw it from BitFenix. The other thing that resembles BitFenix designs is that this MSI chassis gets a Shock Resistant Finish (SRF) that is just like the SofTouch rubberized coating we have seen on a few cases previous to this.


The chassis we are going to be looking at today is one of a set of very similar cases and this version is called the Stealth. MSI seems to offer most of the conveniences found on some of the more, high-end designs and it seems that with the choices made to accent and "œtheme" this design, they very well may be onto something here. Love it or hate it at first glance, there is quite a bit to consider before I give them my seal of approval.


As always price is most important, but functionality, feature set, accessories, layout and of course the build and testing. Hang tight, as I work my way through this and decide just what to think about his new offering from MSI.



MSI IN-602 Stealth Mid-Tower Case Review

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