CoolIT bags a staggering four CES Innovations awards and touts four world firsts

CoolIT bags a staggering four CES Innovations awards and touts four world firsts

CoolIT Systems, leaders in advanced liquid cooling technology announced today 4 new products set to revolutionize the computer cooling industry yet again. Following the huge success of the CoolIT Domino that hit the market by storm in 2009, CoolIT have wowed visitors at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, Nevada with even more innovative, affordable and leading-performance advanced liquid cooling products.

"Liquid cooling is the future" remarked Geoff Lyon, CEO, CoolIT Systems. "The advantages of CoolIT's liquid solutions far outweigh any air-based or competitive liquid cooling product, and at CES this year, we're here to prove that".

First up is the CoolIT ECO A.L.C CPU cooler which breaks a world record for the ultimate price/performance cooling benchmark. "Our aim is to continue removing barriers of entry for liquid cooling while continuing to set the performance standard in the industry" explained Lyon "The ECO will easily find its way into mainstream PC systems and the homes of budget-conscious, high performance PC users".


Many refinements have been made to the ECO's pump, radiator and water block resulting in a factory-sealed, maintenance free, easy-to-install, whisper quiet, superb performance and great-value cooling solution. "We're extremely confident the ECO will best any air or water cooling solution in performance and price" stated Lyon.

The ECO retails for just $74.99 and is available now.



The CoolIT VANTAGE is the world's first "wireless-ready" A.L.C CPU cooler designed and engineered from the ground-up by CoolIT Systems. "For users who are looking for more advanced features in PC cooling, monitoring and control, they need look no further" said Lyon.


Integrated into the VANTAGE unit is a programmable 84 x 48 pixel LCD screen with a dynamic, custom color backlight and 2.4GHz wireless communication module. Two buttons on the Vantage module provides a user interface for optimizing all chassis fan speeds, RGB case lighting, LCD Backlight color along with monitoring and alarm triggers.


The VANTAGE also features CoolIT's revolutionary ESP (Extra Sensory Peripherals) wireless technology which enables the cooler to be controlled and monitored through CoolIT's Maestro software and USB wireless controller. It's even possible to upload your own image to the VANTAGE's display without compromising the meticulous wire management that is a big part of an enthusiast PC.


It retails for $124.99 and currently the only CPU cooler in the world that can be controlled through wireless technology.  The Vantage product is expected to be shipping by mid February 2010.



The CoolIT OMNI opens up the endless benefits of liquid cooling for graphics cards by being the world's first universal full coverage liquid cooling solution for video cards. "Traditionally GPU liquid cooling is expensive, complicated and adopted by only the most technical audience" explained Lyon, "The GPU however is now one of the most power hungry and hottest components you'll find in a high-end PC and will potentially benefit from advanced liquid cooling even more than CPUs".


By adopting a two stage system, a simple interposer plate customized for each model of graphics card allows end users to easily install the OMNI universal water block to a wide range of graphics cards. "The development time and cost to enable OMNI compatibility with a new Graphics Card is vastly reduced and it provides the end user with the flexibility to upgrade their cards while keeping the liquid cooling system intact" continued Lyon.

OMNI features ESP wireless technology and can be controlled and monitored by CoolIT's extensive Maestro software along with any other CoolIT ESP product such as VANTAGE A.L.C.

OMNI A.L.C. packages are available for a number of current graphics cards in 120mm radiator and 240mm radiator variations. Pricing varies with each graphics card type.


The underlying ESP wireless technology featured in the VANTAGE and OMNI products is a fantastic innovation, but it is not limited to only CoolIT products. " It's our intention to control all cooling devices in a PC. Maestro is capable of optimizing and monitoring any 3rd party fan or pump" explained Lyon.


While the CoolIT Maestro will automatically detect all ESP enabled products within the PC System, it can also control and monitor up to 3 fans, water pumps or other devices that are powered by a 3 or 4 pin fan header. "The capabilities offered with the Maestro hardware and software package go beyond those of competing fan speed controllers and lighting kits.  With the ESP platform and it's simple zone based control wizard, the enthusiast can easily have dynamic lighting and acoustic profiles defined for gaming, media or work along with the added confidence that their PC's thermal status is being monitored at all times" said Lyon.


The Maestro comes equipped with software for windows XP and above, an ESP Control Node, a USB wireless controller, an external temperature sensor and a strip of 9 RGB LEDs capable of 16 million colors. The Maestro software is capable of profiling and configuring the PC's cooling and light control with a wide range of flexibility to ensure optimal performance and stability.


Maestro retails for just $89.99 and is the world's first wireless platform for controlling and monitoring PC cooling, lighting and monitoring.


Link: CoolIT

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