A-DATA Officially Launch Brand-New Corporate Identity

A-DATA Officially Launch Brand-New Corporate Identity

In the memory module industry, A-DATA has been widely recognized as a legend. In less than a decade, the company has achieved the remarkable reputation as the “world's second largest memory module manufacturer,” “fourth-largest supplier of flash memory,” and “Taiwan Top 20 Global Brand”! However, A-DATA is well aware of the global competition it is facing, and thus understands that it needs to go beyond the demand of the times in order to create an even more solid international brand with all-new quality and a sustainable operation with green corporate standards.


A-DATA Officially Launch Brand-New Corporate Identity

Following the conclusion of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) brand guidance project in 2008, A-DATA began to carry out a comprehensive brand re-building process, and on January 5, 2010 in Taiwan, the company will be issuing a new global corporate image and product packaging icon. In the following days the new corporate image will be unveiled in Beijing, the United States, the Middle East and other regions of the world. Meanwhile, the brand celebration event “Fly, Catch, Go!” will be launched to share A-DATA’s moment of glory with the general public.

Since 2002, A-DATA Technology has been operating its own brands and continued to uphold the principles of being “upright, unbiased, truthful, hard-working, capable, harmony, love, innovative” within its corporate culture. It has been investing aggressively in the fields of DRAM and flash memory application. Chairman Simon Chen said, “Future market trends indicate that memory applications will grow exponentially, and with the increasing size of the global market, A-DATA will be adopting a set of solid and flexible business strategies based on our traditional values of “honest and professional with integrity as the foundation” to address the ever-changing market conditions with the aim of successfully penetrating the global market. For this reason, A-DATA began the process of rebuilding brand in 2008, and has since adopted the hummingbird as our corporate icon (see Appendix I) and an auxiliary symbol of A-DATA’s corporate culture, in order to effectively enhance our competitiveness in the international marketplace as well as to get ready for embarking on the journey into our company’s second decade.”

In our brand rebuilding project, the A-DATA brand has been given a new life with the image of an agile and colorful hummingbird. It offers a perfect interpretation of A-DATA’s new brand value, reproducing A-DATA’s persistence in entrepreneurship and brand personality. A posture with agility represents the wide range of technological development. The lightweight and flexible wings portray the phenomenal speed with which A-DATA provides its customers with the most comprehensive services and solutions within the shortest time. The energetic character signifies to explore the unknown and to continuously discover the possibilities of applications. Coupled with a modern, stylistic, design with vivid colors, the hummingbird icon symbolizes the splendid moments in life, and A-DATA helps to enrich every marvelous moment in life.

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