SiS Touch Controller gets Windows 7 Touch Logo Certification

SiS Touch Controller gets Windows 7 Touch Logo Certification

Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.(SiS) today announced that SiS projected capacitive touch panel control processor is now certified by Microsoft Windows Touch Logo. To further catch ride with the popularity of touch-screen iPhone as well as upcoming launch of Windows 7, SiS provides more optimal touch-screen solutions to fit market needs.

The SiS projected capacitive touch panel control processor, SiS812 / SiS811 / SiS810 supports 102/84/66 channel sensor inputs for the panel size up to 17.3/14.1/11.6 inches respectively. It enables designers to create the new usage models for supporting touch-screen feature products like Notebook, Mobile Internet Device (MID), Netbook and Tablet PC. In addition to the large panel market, SiS809 and SiS805 also designed to aim at the small and medium panel size of consumer market segment (2.6 to 9 inches LED/LCD panel size) such as E-Book, Car IA devices, MP3/MP4/MP5, GPS PND devices, Stock Information devices, and Smart Phone and etc.

The introduced SiS projected capacitive touch panel control processor series, has integrated the embedded Dual 12-bit ADC feature allows users to experience an operating environment of 300ppi high resolution with 100Hz sampling rate. This extraordinary design is just right for those user-oriented vendors to deliver real-time and seamless playback. The high speed of 200MHz RISC MCU with a filtering management algorithm implemented is to manage vivid gestures for enabling more direct and natural interaction in the platform applications. Without powerful MCU design, it may cause response delay while supporting touch panel size is larger than 10.1 inches. It also can free from the occupying the resource of System Processor to cause the audio or video playback gets serious distortion. Implemented Watchdog Timer and Event Timer serve add-on-value functions for flexibility and creativity. An embedded UART port is designed for further debugging and specific R&D applications. With its advanced firmware and software technology algorithm, it can automatically adjusting and compensating the sensing methodology to ensure the good touch quality, sensitivity and response-time under the humidity and temperature environmental changes factors. It also solves the hard to recognize the touch detection by the very different human finger size between man and woman, child and adult, light touch and heavy touch.

“We are glad to learn that SiS projected capacitive touch panel control processor has successfully validated by Microsoft. We believe our touch panel platforms design integrated with SiS projected capacitive touch panel control processor should be subsequently passing the Microsoft Windows 7 Logo and to catch the time to market soon” said Vice President, Kuang-Lang Chen, Research and Development Center of Chunghwa Picture Tubes, LTD.

As a chipset designer, SiS dedicates itself all the way to innovative computing technologies so as to provide products with efficiency and convenience for consumers. “A new series of touch product solutions featuring humane operation interface will further facilitate customers’ satisfactions.” said Nelson Lee, Marketing Director of SiS.

Asides from above, SiS coordinates with several famous touch sensor vendors like EELY, JTouch, Sintek, Mutto to work on Micrsoft Windows 7 certification. The parallel efforts with some other module design houses in the small panel market segment are also proceeding now.

To cater for various consumers’ demand, SiS will continue to strengthen its product portfolio for broader market segments. The mass production of new touch panel control processors as well as full software package solutions is expected to start in Oct., 2009.

Link: SiS

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