GTR Tech Corporation Announces AVADirect as Exclusive GT3 PC System Integrator

GTR Tech Corporation Announces AVADirect as Exclusive GT3 PC System Integrator

GTR Tech Corporation, today announced AVADirect as the exclusive North American system integrator for the GT3 PC Small Form Factor Chassis, the industry’s first Sport Compact PC. Now offering several customizable configurations, AVADirect offers complete, configured and tested GT3 PCs to address the needs of the Workstation, Enthusiast and Performance PC markets. Additionally, amongst the systems offered today, are system-configurations offered in GTR's today announced, technical whitepapers.

“We're excited to have a top-notch system integrator, AVADirect, offering complete GT3 PCs. From entry level and mainstream to performance and workstation GT3-PCs, AVADirect offers the breadth of systems GT3 customers have been asking for” said Sean Hall President of GTR Tech Corporation. “Crucial to GTR, was enabling a system integrator which would compliment the quality and innovation GT3 represents. With complete systems covering the breadth of the PC Market, and first class customer service, AVADirect was GTR's first choice.”

"We are pleased to offer GT3 based computers from GTR. Our customers have been looking for a case design that is both high performance, flexible and compact. This is a truly innovative case design. Unlike other case designs which limit customers to only a few component selections and high-priced feature-lacking uATX motherboards” said Misha Troshin, CMO and co-owner. “This case allows the full suite of customization options as any larger case, with the added benefits of a small contemporary, transportable deign."

"Having the privilege of traveling around the world for my photo shoots, I find GT3 to be the best system waiting for my return home - with hundreds of gigs of raw files of course! It allows me to process extremely large data-sets of raw photos efficiently, without tying up my equipment for the next shoot." said Dominic Khoo, celebrity photographer and ambassador to Nikon, Asia. "GT3 is my chosen platform because it offers me the performance and transportability utilizing the industry standard components I prefer".

Addressing common end-user questions and concerns, particularly end user's perceived power-supply size requirements, GTR Tech Corporation today released several technical whitepapers, illustrating actual power consumption under both “real world” and unrealistically high, “synthetic” workload environments in addition to thermal, performance, and acoustic data. GTR's GT3-BH Technical Whitepapers illustrate the flexibility of the GT3 chassis, illustrating GT3's 370W power supply exceeded the requirements of all potential GT3 PC system configurations. GTR's technical whitepapers, in addition to power consumption, provide thermal, acoustic and performance data. These whitepapers provide valuable GT3 system configuration data to consumers considering their next PC build. With tips on optimizing thermals and acoustics, GTR's Technical whitepapers include a typical high-end gaming PC and high-end workstation configurations.

“Most desktop PC's today are over-designed and inefficient, with vendors recommending massive 500+ Watt power supplies for systems consuming no more than 200 Watts” said Sean Hall President of GTR Tech Corporation. “Tech industry leaders need to assume a leadership position in this regard, providing better guidelines and concise “real world” component power consumption information, in line with real world power consumption. This ultra conservative approach to PC power consumption is costing this country huge amount of energy. GT3's Technical Whitepapers illustrate how efficient a well built PC can be”.

Properly configured GT3 PCs power consumption is inline that with of a light bulb. Conversely, PCs configured with excessively large power supplies consume over twice as much energy. GT3's Technical Whitepapers illustrate the potential of the GT3 platform and address many market misconceptions. A fully loaded GT3 Core i7 Workstation, configured with 12GB of RAM, two 10,000RPM Velociraptor drives, and ATI Radeon HD 4850 1GB graphics has a typical power consumption of 119 Watts, with a maximum “real world” power consumption of just over 200Watts. Moreover, at 41.5dB, the GT3's acoustics are extremely quiet, yet thermally efficient. Check out GTR's web site to download the full report, which in addition to power consumption data, also includes thermal, and performance data.

GT3-BH is the first product in the Sport Compact PC family. Sport Compact PC’s utilize GTR’s patented Feature Module™ technology to enable full size PC components’ use in a small form factor design. OEMs and enthusiasts can build Sport Compact form factor PCs using most standard ATX components including desktop-PC CPUs, standard ATX motherboards, full height double slot discreet graphics, full height PCI and PCI-e add-in cards, 3.5” hard drives, and standard memory.

GT3-BH is a Sport Compact PC product using an all aluminum construction, carbon fiber cubic imprinted ABS-Plastic front bezel, black-die anodized finish, and a retractable wing shaped handle. GT3-BH is a chassis and power supply available from GTR Tech Corporation.

The first product in the Sport Compact PC family, the GT3-BH, has a manufacture suggested retail price of $179 in single unit quantities available directly from GTR Tech Corporation’s web site, complete configured GT3 based PCs are available through AVADirect, pricing varies. Volume pricing of GT3-BH is available upon request in thousand unit quantities.

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