Nyt ASUS EN7900 GeForce 7900 GTX grafikkort

Nyt ASUS EN7900 GeForce 7900 GTX grafikkort

ASUSTeK Computer Inc (ASUS), a leading provider of high-performance graphics solutions, today introduced the EN7900 series graphics cards that include EN7900GT, EN7900GT Top, and EN7900GTX. All of which are built for Windows Vista and incorporated newest generation of Nvidia’s GeForce7900 series GPUs with fastest DDR3 capable of overall clock speeds of up to 1.6GHz in the top model, while still harnessing the benefit of overclocking to achieve unparalleled performance.

Leveraging years of hardware expertise, the ASUS engineering division outfitted the EN7900GT series with advanced heat pipe and memory cover designs, while equipping latest exclusive ASUS innovations such as Splendid, Gameface Messenger, Game LiveShow, Game Reply, Video SecurityOnline etc. to fully take advantage of the EN7900GT Series’ power. Furthermore, the cards also come bundled with Peter Jackson’s King Kong: the Full Edition Official Game of the Movie, for complete experience instantly out of the box.

Advanced Heatpipe Design for Greater Performance
To offer stable operation to go with robust performance, the EN7900GT TOP specifically adopted heat dissipating pipes to sustain maximum GPU capacity. Taking a step further, the efficient cooling design included memory covers to permit heat transfer directly from memory chipsets onto the heatpipes for faster and more reliable performance. The dedicated heatpipe is affixed onto the GPU with memory mounting pads that absorb heat away from the GPU and memory chips during operation. Effectively diffusing the heat by the enclosed fan, the result is a graphics card with unrivaled performance for ultimate video quality connoisseurs.

Overclocking with Stellar Graphics Innovations
Apart from hardware ingenuity, the EN7900GT TOP offers overclocking ability to satisfy hardcore gamers and provide top-shelf graphics quality. Capable of supporting high definition TV output and delivering industry’s fastest anti-aliasing for ultra-realistic visuals, the EN7900GT TOP adopted Microsoft DirectX9.0 Shader model 3.0 to enable stunning and complex special effects.

Complete Gaming Experience
In additional to industry-leading specifications, the two graphics cards also incorporated exclusive innovations found only on ASUS solutions.

ASUS GameReplay: Practice makes perfect, and that holds true in gaming as well. For popular LAN (local area network) party team games such as Counter Strike and Unreal Tournaments, strategy is the key to victory. GameReplay records gaming action into MPEG4 video files so that teams can review all the moves and tactics to improve for the next tournament. The recorded files can also be used as screen savers or posted on blogs.

GameLiveShow: Just like people who share their lives and thoughts on blogs, expert gamers often want to show off their perfectly executed strategies and five-hit combinations. GameLiveShow is created to allow gamers to stream broadcast their gaming experiences live over the Internet. Other players can now go online to check out how the experts really do it.

GameFace Messenger: It is a user-friendly interface similar to those of the most popular messenger services to simplify the process of inviting multiple players to a gameferences (game conferences). Register, log on and start the fun. GameFace Messenger is as easy as the free messengers currently in the market.

Splendid Video Intelligence Technology: Built into the driver of ASUS graphics cards, Splendid detects activation and usage of video applications and automatically optimizes image quality for the best visual results. Splendid further provides five modes for best visual results in different video applications (Standard, Game, Theater, Scenery and Night)

New and Improved Video Security Online
Video Security Online provides various security-monitoring feature. Aside from basic recording functions, users can also specify a particular surveillance area for motion detection. When unauthorized visitors are detected in the defined area, the feature raises an alarm, records a video or takes snapshots and saves it on the hard drive. Video Security further streams real-time video to a web browser, enabling monitoring from a remote location. A warning message system to preprogrammed recipients via email, handset text message or Skype is available as well.

OnScreen Display – Adjust monitor settings without leaving the game
OnScreen Display (OSD) is the world’s first PC game display controller for adjusting brightness, contrast and gamma value without leaving the game or changing monitor hardware settings. Simply activate OSD using predefined hot keys and tune image quality during games.

Link: ASUS

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