Intel SSD DC P3608

A year ago Intel launched their first line up of NVMe SSDs. The DC P3700, DC P3600, and earlier this year they officially launched the DC P3500. As you might be lead to believe, the DC P3700 was their top tier product, which we were able to review, not only in the view of enterprise performance, but also from a storage enthusiast’s perspective. The Intel DC P3700’s performance at the time was very impressive and still is today, delivering up to 2.8GB/s read and 1.9GB/s write as well as being able to withstand 460K/180K IOPS. At $3/GB delivering such high performance and now, up to 17 DWPD endurance for data center use, it was a recipe for success from the start. The DC P3500, the runt of the litter, is meant for read-centric workloads with much lower random write performance and a 0.35 DWPD endurance rating. The DC P3600 on the other hand is in the middle of the trio, meant for more mixed workloads with great read and write performance, but a 3 DWPD endurance rating.  Now, however, enterprise demands are evolving. We are seeing the need for higher capacity and even higher performance storage solutions. With NVMe now coming from all corners and 3D NAND from companies other than Samsung on the horizon, Intel has decided to breathe new life into their DC P3600 series before the new year and they did so with a pretty big breath. They continued down the road with NVMe of course, only this time they did so while utilizing a dual NVMe controller design and kept a similar $/GB value as the original DC P3600. The result is something rather impressive, the new DC P3608! This SSD has been designed to meet the demands of high performance computing (HPC), database, and big data analytics use cases. With incredible speeds of up to 5GB/s read and 3GB/s write, the ability to deliver up to 850K/150K IOPS read/write, and capacities up to 4TB, this NVMe PCIe SSD is definitively a beast. Now, let’s get on with the review shall we?

Skrevet den 24. Sep 2015. Testen er set 141 gang(e).

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