Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti

Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti


Nvidia is at it again with another major launch shoring up a strong start to the upcoming Computex Event. Now with Computex 2015 Nvidia has dropped something which has been rumored for awhile: the GTX 980 Ti!

The 980 Ti has been “The Unicorn” product like we see almost every new GPU series launch where we all know that the current flagship is temporary and likely will be upstaged after the monster uber high end model drops. In this case it started with the 970 and 980 with the later following TITAN X. Now we all know the TITAN X is not for everyone, actually it’s for a very small subset of people who are insane enough to feel they need such a card or multiples of them (Myself included) but in reality when we are talking enthusiast gamers the 970/980 is about where most of the upper end gamers fall into, and with that the new 980 Ti looks to slot itself into a spot that will make the definition of flagship products move up yet another notch.


The GTX 980 Ti is looking to fill the $649 Price point pushing the 980 into the $499 category which is also a nice break for anyone looking to add another 980 to their rig. With 6GB of VRAM and what looks like a massively powerful engine to drive the beast I can only say that if it is as good in practice as it is on paper this could be one hell of a beastly card for the price point and will really put a lot of pressure on AMD for the 3XX series cards to be crowd pleasers.

Skrevet den 1. Jun 2015. Testen er set 315 gang(e).

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