Thermaltake Toughpower Gold 550W

Thermaltake Toughpower Gold 550W


   Search [H]ard|OCP   [H]ardOCP Something Clever Goes Here    Hover Hound - Price Comparison Addon Hover Hound - Price Comparison Addon HardForum GPU - Video Cards Motherboards - Chipsets CPU Cooling & Cases PSU - Power Supplies Sound Products SSD - Storage Misc.    Today's Hard|Forum Post WTB: Unlocked GSM Galaxy S4 HP Lefthand P4500 / Proliant DL185 ?s 90 Ti launch in May? Got invitation for event... WTB: your old/working AMD Phenom II X4 900/90... Oculus Recommended Hardware Specs Revealed WTB: 290x or 970  Today's Hard|Forum Post Carl Icahn Invests $100M In Lyft Xeon 5500 vs 5600 performance? Thank you Ubiquiti... massive bot-net No Fee For 'Windows As A Service' Amazon app store: many paid games and apps fo... WTS: Gigabyte Radeon HD 7950 (3GB)        Date: Friday , May 15, 2015 Author: Paul Johnson Editor: Kyle Bennett Share: Share on favoritesShare on facebookShare on emailShare on google_plusone_shareShare on bloggerShare on deliciousShare on diggShare on reddit 0  Thermaltake Toughpower Gold 550W Power Supply Review  We have used Thermaltake Toughpower computer power supplies here in our offices for over a decade with many of those units still in use today. This 550 watt unit comes in a bit towards the smaller end of enthusiast power supplies, but does that keep it from fully showing off its tough Thermaltake heritage?  Introduction  Today, Thermaltake Technology Company is back for another trip through our power supply testing program with a more mid-range capacity product than we last saw from it. As a company, Thermaltake has a rather short history being founded in just 1999, but in that short time it has grown rapidly. While Thermaltake's primary focus has been on thermal solutions, it has for some time now maintained a group of product lines dedicated to power supplies. The early power supplies in these lines were often of lower quality but over the years Thermaltake has taken its power supply business in a new, and quite frankly better direction as it paired with higher quality OEMs like CWT and Enhance. Today, we are looking at another product that is part of the Toughpower Series of power supplies from Thermaltake the Toughpower Gold 550W (TP-550AH3CCG-A but also variously listed as TPD-0550M, TPD-550M, PS-TPD-0550MPCG, etc.). This unit is produced in conjunction with CWT.

Skrevet den 15. May 2015. Testen er set 374 gang(e).

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