onsdag, 27. marts 2013, 10:58

Cooler Master er andet end kabinetter og standard kølere. Her er det en test af deres kompakte Cooler Master Seidon 120XL vandkøling, hvor alt er i en lige til at montere.

Cooler Master is an industry leader when it comes to PC peripherals, cooling, cases, and power supplies. They have products in just about every conceivable category. With products that fit just about every need and price segment, everyone has become familiar with Coolermaster. Enthusiasts the world over have seen, heard about, or used their products. Cooler Master's real claim to fame is due to their wide selection of cases, like the Cosmos and HAF series, that have garnered the attention of PC gamers all over the world. That said, their growing and evolving roster of cooling products are also taking off, with the Hyper 212 Plus and EVO having cemented themselves as some of the best options available in the crowded entry-level market where they offer some serious cooling performance for little cost. Other products, like the TPC 812, show Cooler Master's innovative side, taking vapor chamber cooling normally seen on GPUs and using it to cool today's hot running CPUs.

Link: TechPowerUp


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