mandag, 25. marts 2013, 15:12

Kingfast er en stor producent af SSD eller Solid State Drives. I denne test er det deres Kingfast F3 serie med mSATA og en kapacitet på 120GB der kigges på.

I remember sitting in more than one boardroom and being told that my thoughts on the success of the mSATA SSD might be a bit premature, the subsequent result being a few lucky mSATA manufacturers cashing in with demand that couldn’t keep up with sales. mSATA retail sales were a constant sell out as it seemed so many forgot that there were over 60 million Lenovo Thinkpad owners that could benefit from this new SSD, an SSD only 1/3 the size of a business card, 14 times lighter than a notebook HDD and easily 5 times higher performing.

Link: The SSD Review


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