onsdag, 13. februar 2013, 16:25

Østriske Noctua er kendt for deres støjsvage kølere og blæsere. Den blæser der her bliver testet, er deres store Noctua NF-A Series 140mm blæser.

Many people refer to doing a quick, simple fix on a problem as “putting a Band-Aid on it”. It usually is meant with a negative connotation, as if you are simply covering up the major surgery that is required. However, there are many times that a Band-Aid is all that is required, and the simple solution is the right one. In regard to case airflow and/or fan noise, the easiest solution is, of course, to change the fans or add fans. While it seems the simple solution, in most cases, it solves the problem and is certainly more time and cost effective than modding your case to create new airflow patterns. In this case, the “Band-Aid” is the right answer.

Link: HiTech Legion


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