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mandag, 3. december 2012, 20:04

Et nyt spændende produkt fra Samsung er deres Galaxy Camera EK-GC100, der kombinerer en rigtig smartphone og et digitalkamera med optisk zoom i en enhed. Her testes det om det virker eller om produktet fejler.

I have always loved the idea of owning less devices to carry around - it's just makes logical sense, especially when traveling. From our perspective here at TweakTown, I've often dreamed about a device which could take photos and magically get them online for me fast, and beat other media to the punch with quicker ways of getting events and such online to our readers. Yesterday for me, that dream became real. Yes, I'm talking about the new Samsung Galaxy Camera, or the Samsung "Smart Camera", as I like to call it.

At least in central Taipei Xinyi district in Taiwan, it's hard to avoid the noise that Samsung makes, and as was the case yesterday, it was hard to miss the new Galaxy Camera with its large advertisements around the place, and a well-timed television commercial that I saw over dinner at a local nearby restaurant. It convinced me even more than I needed to own this device.

I ended up picking up the EK-GC100 model here in Taipei for $16,700 NTD (roughly $574 USD) with what needed little persuasion from the shop assistant, who got a quick and easy sale. I found out after buying it that the device had only gone on sale the day before (Saturday) in Taiwan. Good timing for me. I was assured by the shop assistant after asking that the EK-GC100 would receive regular Android OS updates over time - that was a big issue for me always regarding owning an Android device. I'm not sure exactly how well informed she is on the matter, but we'll find out.

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