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fredag, 1. marts 2013, 10:23



- Keyboard focus is no longer checked during the demo or when running the benchmark in a
loop. Note that if the display switches to the desktop due to a popup window during the
benchmark, the run will still be aborted as the display mode is no longer the same.
- 3DMark 11 now remembers the last custom resolution used.
- GPU count detection for multi-GPU systems is now correct even when SystemInfo is
explicitly disabled.
- 3DMark 11 will now prevent Windows from entering Sleep during the test.
- The license key is now reset when the benchmark is reinstalled, allowing removal of
invalid keys.


- SystemInfo updated to version 4.15 for full Windows 8 compatibility.
- Updated DirectX redistributable.
- Now using static Visual C++ 2010 runtime libraries to fix rare installation issues on
some systems.
- Removed dependency on EvaDotNet.dll and EvaDotNet.DirectX.dll for GPU enumeration to
fix compatibility issues with some systems.


- Fixed display initialization code that caused "SetFullscreenState failed:
- Fixed several memory and texture leaks, improving stability during very long looping
- The HUD timer no longer rolls over if a single test takes more than ten minutes. (Yes,
this could happen during the Combined Test on some low end DirectX 11 cards.)


- Fixed submitting saved files to 3dmark.com from the command line.
- Image Quality Tool no longer gives a cryptic error if the output directory does not

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