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onsdag, 29. februar 2012, 11:39

Har skrevet det på engelsk, håber det går....

Hi all.

Im IT helper on a small school.

The school keeps getting problems with DNS server. Also in chrome known as "error 105".

Im making a static DNS-server address when this accour. .. . Googles I do this on all the computers where it happens.

Now im trying to actually solve the problem, but it seems rather hard. No real solution.
I seen someone do this:
This is a DNS issue

Access your routers admin page
change the DNS servers to the following OpenDNS IP Address – Primary - Secondary -
But for me that aint a solution...... I then read more about Open DNS, and Googles public DNS, and figured out that it seems to be a fine solution..... Because my DNS server on this school kinda SUCKS, and there is absolutely nothing wrong or bad or stupid about using a static Open DNS server?

I still havent had any problems with Googles public DNS, and each time the school goes "offline" due to this Error 105, i can always recover. I even tested the DNS server over 1 month on my own PC (connected to school network) and havent had any problems.

I kinda just seek a acceptance of making a whole school use Google public DNS server as standard.

I read that Googles DNS server are hosted in many main data centers worldwide. I know that the ping will ofc. be a bit more bad, but whatever the system seems to run more than fast enough. (no complains yet).

So guys, anyone knows something i dont, or am i free to use Google DNS server for now and forever?

Best regards Mikethk

AMD Forever


onsdag, 29. februar 2012, 12:11


Technically there isn't a issue in using the Google DNS servers.

Please be aware though that the new privacy policy Google introduces tomorrow is in violation with EU law. CNIL has asked google not to implement the policy tomorrow, but Google has rejected to do so.

Personally I guess that the schools internal DNS server is required to be used due to the fact that internal programs and/or services may be resolved by that and also filtering accordingly to law and/or best practise may have been applied.

As secondary solution, the schools ISP should provide DNS service, which can be used. These are recommended because of local law could be violated, both for accessing illigal material (pirate bay ie.) but also for avoiding sexually offensive material, that has been classified as illigal (child porn ie.)

A school has responsibility for the services it provides for it users and that responsibility should be taken into consideration when planing changes like this.

I hope this can help you to find the right solution for your self and your school.


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