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fredag, 12. januar 2007, 11:36

Læs lige disse tåbelige retssager som topper i dumhed...selv i USA.

Here are the top six winners of the STELLA AWARD* 2006.

* Stella Awards are named after the 81 year old Stella Liebeck who spilled coffe on her self and sued McDonald's because the coffe was hot..

I.e. Stella Awards are therefore a celebration to this years weirdest court decisions.

SIXT PLACE: Goes to Katheeln Robertson - Austin, Texas.

She was awarded $80,000 by the jury, since she broke her ancle when falling over a child that was playing in a toystore.

The owner of the store was very surprised about the decision, as the child was Kathleen Robertsons own son!

FIFTH PLACE: Goes to 19 year old Carl Truman - Los Angeles, CA

He was awarded $74,000 plus medical expenses, since his neighbor drove over his hand with his car.

Carl did not notice, that the neighbor was in the car when he tried to steal the wheelcaps. The jury stated, that it was necessary for the cars owner to drive over Carls hand.

FOURTH PLACE: Goes to Terrence Dickson - Bristol, Pennsylvania.

Terrence was about to leave the house that he had just robbed through the carage, when he noticed that the automatic garagedoor opener was broken.

He could not go back into the house again, since the door had slammed begind him. The family living in the house was on vacation, so Terrence spent eight days in the garage living on a pack of Pepsi and

a bag of dogfood which he found in the garage. He sued the owner of the house, because he felt the experience have given him unnecessary suffering.

The jury agreed and awarded him $500,000 in damages.

THIRD PLACE: Goes to Amber Carson - Lancaster, Pensylvania.

A restaurant owner was sentenced to pay $113,500 to Amber.

Amber had slipped in some soda that was on the floor in the restuarant and broke her collarbone. The weird thing about this sentence, is that the soda was on the floor, because Amber had thrown it in her boyfriends face 30 seconds before the accident.

SECOND PLACE: Goes to Kara Wilson - Claymint, Delaware.

Klara was sneaking into a nightclub through the bathroom window trying to avoid the $3,50 entry fee, when she fell down and hit a toilet, thus breaking her front teeth.

Klara was awarded $12,000 plus full dental coverage.

and THIS YEARS WINNER- is Mary Grazinski - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

She had just bought a brand new and huge Winnebago autocamper. On the way home, while driving on the freeway, she turned on the cruisecontrol at 70mph and left the driver's seat to grap a snack in the fridge.

As would be expected, the Winnebago went off the road and crashed, totally damaging the Winnebago.

Mary sued Winnebago, as she argued there were no place in the manual, that stated you could not leave the drivers seat when cruise control was turned on.

The jury awarded her $1,750,000 and a new Winnebago!

Winnebago actually changed the manuals, that comes with their autocampers - just in case there are anymore idiots outthere... :-))


fredag, 12. januar 2007, 11:52

Jeg undskylder mange gange...havde ikke lige set det :oops:

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