onsdag, 9. juli 2008, 18:31

Once again AMD is ready with another integrated solution for a chipset and graphicscard. The motherboard on the bench today is from MSI, called MSI K9A2GM-FIH. The motherboard is primarily aimed at the HTPC people and the system integrator. There is a number of HTPC manufactures because there is more money to be made with these machines. A lot of configuration is connected to HTPC's which to some degree justifies the higher price. The motherboard is the first we've seen with AMDs 780G chipset.

MSI K9A2GM-FIH with Radeon HD 3200 (UK)


torsdag, 10. juli 2008, 14:07

Had to sign up to the board to write a comment on the article. I was so disappointed in the review that this is why i did.

On the whole i think the article is good. nice information on the build quality and where MSI seem to have saved money on the components to keep the price down. Great information on the BIOS settings etc. and that's it.

The score for the board is 92%. How on earth you managed to give it that i have no idea. Especially seeing as the review falls so short. Jan states that this board is ideal for the HTPC builders out there, i totally agree. But he did not test the board with blu ray, or HD video playback. Now dont you think that this is something that an ideal HTPC board should be able to do? Or at least something that the HTPC readers want to know about? The author did say that the "motherboard is primarily aimed at the HTPC people" after all.

Missing off such important aspects in a review of a board is not good. Almost lazy. No mention of other boards in the same price rage in your conclusion, was there a mention of temperatures and heat? started to skim through the article as it was just a fluffy piece of writing.

92% rating on a board that has not been put through its paces. Absolute madness!

Shame that this is the first article i have read on tweak.dk. So that is all i have to base this site and the articles on at the moment.

Sorry but i cannot get over that 92%, the article does not support it at all.

Review it again, and properly i say. How long you have the board fo,? maybe that will put things in perspective and explain the sloppy article.


torsdag, 10. juli 2008, 14:58

# ExPaT.UK

Thanks for your comments, and it is nice to see that the articles on enlish is being view :)

Conserning your comments of the lack of HTPC relvevant material - just have to say that you are correct. There should have been test of HD and blueray in the test.

We have talked about this in the TWEAK.dk review team, and if you look at this test:


You would see that this is included.

Best regards Stubkier (part of the review team)

ÍBM X200
Xbox 360 Elite
2* AMD 780g


fredag, 11. juli 2008, 00:45

Sorry for being rude in my post. And thank you for taking my comments seriously. am getting grumpy in my old age i guess.

I took a look at the other article, and by the 3rd line i was thinking.. now thats just cheating. :D

Cheating? you ask.. well yes, this number will give you an idea of what i mean. 775.

Thats right, the board from the article you sent me to is using core 2 duo. So not only a different cpu, but one that will do the business easily. I believe that the cpu plays quite a big roll in the play hack of blu ray and hd movies. As we are talking on board graphics as well. If i am not mistaken this is due to the HDCP (the protection on blu ray) that has to be handled. Would have been interesting to see the exact same tests done on the other board. then we could compare them, or you could compare them in the conclusion. I think i can already tell you that the core 2 duo will out perform the phenom in this area. But i have not ran any tests, so just an educated guess there.

really would have been nice to see the same stuff done to the other board for a full comparison. I mean you even benchmark the board differently. Ok it's two different authors, but i think tests should be consistant. Cannot really compare the two as it is now.

That's just what i think. Hope its of use to you. Well better get to sleep, another hard day at the office bashing away at the keyboard starts soon. I'll try not to bash the articles (in a rude way) in the future.

Maybe i should take a look at some of the Danish ones and see whats there :)

Thanks again for the other article though. Not that i am buying a board, just like the reading of all things tech.



fredag, 11. juli 2008, 00:51

It's funny you mention the fact that every member of the review team reviews stuff differently, because that's one of the things we are now trying to change. We discussed it a little while back and decided that we need the same templates for graphs, the same procedures and of course benchmarking with the same software.

But I'm glad that we're getting some feedback :)

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fredag, 11. juli 2008, 09:08

You don't have to be sorry - the things you point out are spot on. As Juice also says we are at the moment working on templates for the test done here on the site.

Useing the same hardware for every test is going to be pretty damn hard since all test are done on a voluntary basis - and we testes are scattered all over Denmark - but your point is more that Valid.

Best regards Stubkier

ÍBM X200
Xbox 360 Elite
2* AMD 780g


søndag, 13. juli 2008, 13:37

Oh, did not realise it was a voulantary thing. Still, i would like to say that it was not a bad review, better than i could've done i am sure. just lacked the few things i mentioned.


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