onsdag, 26. april 2017, 17:02

I have an old Hp Omen notebook.
and I'm aiming for a more high-end notebook, I've looked into MSI, but is it any good? :9xo


onsdag, 26. april 2017, 17:18

Why not use your first thread on same subject


torsdag, 27. april 2017, 15:23

Look at reviews, chances are nobody ever touched the model you are looking at so slim chances you can get a proper response.

.-Samsung 3K 100Hz
.-RX Vega 56
.-1700x NH-D15
.-Asus Prime-Pro
.-16Gb RipjawsV@3200Mhz
.-1050W X-series Seasonic
.-Firestrike:22350 TimeSpy: 8117


søndag, 14. maj 2017, 19:33

Yes, many of my friends used MSI notebooks and well recommended to me.
But since I lived in Denmark now, but don't know the MSI Service here is as well as other region or not?

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