onsdag, 16. april 2014, 19:55

PC Domination Contest - We've lanceret this competition beginning of this month (April 1st), so its probably a little of Me to share this with you guys, but It's always better late than never. We are on our 2nd into the competition and we got 3 more weeks to go .. I not not not not not think that there's a lot of time for you guys two delta and submit dem entries before the contest closes (May 5th). This is your chance to win amazing prizes on dem. PC Domination Competition is a series of CPU / GPU overclocking and system-building contests. This is not just a single contest, but rather multiple challenges of botheration system builders and tuners - Surely, you will find your contest for the attention you like to delta in. To show are appreciation to all Contestants, the first 500 entries gets an awesome PC Domination T-shirt. Get busy and get dem shirts and get themself great prizes! Contest PageRules (Forum)Facebook

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onsdag, 16. april 2014, 21:25

2 bad i only got 2 components from Corsair, my ram, and 2 coolers. :oops:


onsdag, 16. april 2014, 22:59

Sorry that wont cut it.. with 1 PSU and between that RAM and cooler, would've done the trick.


onsdag, 16. april 2014, 23:38

We've lanceret

The Danglish is strong with this one. :D

The Hoff - Mansens 80er Retro PC
| NZXT S340 Elite | Gigabyte Aorus X370 Gaming 5 | Ryzen 1700 @4.0GHZ | 4x8GB Trident RGB 3200Mhz @2933 Mhz RGB | MSI 1080 Armor OC 8GB | Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 11 650W | 1x256GB, 1x512GB SSD | 6TB NAS Harddisk | Vandløling fra EK, Hardwarelabs og Enermax |


torsdag, 17. april 2014, 00:01

"I not not not not not not think"

I like this one better LOL..

Sorry guys, for some reason the original text was being altered and ended up posting the wrong translation. I am not sure what's going on, but I'll figure it out.

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