onsdag, 15. januar 2014, 15:17

Hi Tweak.dk !

I just bought a Quickfire Tk with blue LED and blue switches, so i opened it and plugged it into my laptop in a USB 3.0 port and the keyboard were lit so nicely! but after 1 hour aproximately the bottom left Windows key started to blink abit then slowly the blue led light faded and it have been gone since ! ( for like 4-5 hours now ) .
Now this isnt the first time this happens i returned this same keyboard 1 week ago where it had the exact same
problem but with the F5 key so i went back with it and told them that it was like this when i got it, because i didnt notice it fade away like i did this time.


mandag, 20. januar 2014, 10:36

Seems it's burning LED. that maybe too much power to go into keyboard.
( but, not 100% sure)

Will be possible that you can re-connect to USB 2.0 or try different PC and connect to USB 2.0.

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